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Persephone Survives A Second Term At Oxford

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YOU go girl!!

Persephone I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO very proud of you!! alot has been thrown at you again this term at oxford.. but you made it thru!! GIRL!! you are an inspiration!! I'm proud of you!!

Yes i think you will make it thru you next term.. it will be ahrd but I think that you can do if you keep things realistic!! and know your limits... and ask for help when you need it!! ( something I need to learn how to do!! lol :) )

I know what you mean about pots..either it would go away or you'd just like to be "DONE with it"...

But my goodness Persephone!! look at all that you have accomplished!! YOU need to give your self alot of credit dear.. I dont think that i could do what you have and our doing...


congrats Persephone!!


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:) yeah I forgot to commet on the depression.. jesus who wouldnt be a bit depressed from time to time living with this!!

depression can be profound if it is sever enough.. and its hard.. but I think that considering what you are going thru.. that some depression is normal.. and is a normal reaction ~~~ you go ahead and cry.. and get it all out.. then once you've done that Persephone look back at what you have ACCOMPLISHED despite how unbelievably hard and downright scary things have been.. and remember that you made it thru that.. and that you wil prevail!! and look to us.. we got your back girl!

But with that said I am SO very proud of you!! you've done great !!

and yes I wouls LOVE to meet you some day too!! if you are ever in the states.. let me know!!

take care dear!!



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Hey Persephone,

You have acomplished sooo much. From time to time I cry and feel down about having to deal with being sick...Sometimes you need to have a good cry...


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Guest sonotech

I just think that you deserve a HUGE "pat on the back" for ALL of your accomplishments!!!

I know that I dont have the energy (or the will power) to even just go to the grocery store.....and LOOK AT YOU!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!

You really impress me (and make me feel really LAZY, ha ha).

You WILL find the strength to go on, and I am sure you have had to find that strength deep down inside before (I think most on this site have).

Yes, crying is a good way to release that stress and emotion overload and remember if it gets too difficult to handle, then please seek help!!

CONGRATULATIONS on ALL of your achievements!


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Thanks so much. I feel truly horrific today- not physically, though I am still exhausted, but mentally. I just can't DO anything.

I can't even cry- it's like the colour has vanished from the world. <_<

Someone needs to give me a good kick up the butt and shake me out of this.

Two terms down, one to go. I *WILL* do it- but I'm just so tired and I feel absolutely flat as a pan cake.

So nice of everyone to be so kind tho.


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Your determination is really inspiring, Persephone!

I've felt the same mental let-down after a school term. Usually I had to watch TV and lie around for a week or two before I finally came out of it. I tell you, there is healing in mindless television for a weary mind. <_<

Congrats and keep on going...you can see the finishline!!

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Hi everyone

Just a quick note to let you know that the antidepressants my GP gave me- Moclobemide (an MAOI) have brought my BP back up from 100/40 to 119/88 which is much better. I'm walking better too. Maybe this type of anti depressant could help other POTS people too?

I still feel flat as a pancake, and like I can't face Oxford at the moment, but I feel a lot less desperate than I did a week ago. I spoke to Dr M the amazing tutor on Friday and she says I need a REST- she also told my mum this. I'm going to try and get back at the books today though, just to see what happens as I've now avoided the books for over a week.

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