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Deep In A Pots-hole

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I've been feeling yucky since Valentine's Day. I went and saw a new POTS specialist who sent my blood to the MAYO clinic to test for that antibody (sorry serious brainfog today, can't remember what it's called) and he said that for now the other drugs i'm on should stay the same. I've been several times to see the GI doc and he said that he thinks I have "an element" of IBS and started me on Zelnorm which really seems to keep things moving along better. I also had a Gastric Emptying Study which came back normal. I started feeling better and went back to work... I actually made it back a whole 6 days and now i'm sick again. I feel just as I did in February, intense unrelenting nausea. I take Zofran but an 8mg tablet barely seems to take the edge off... if I take more than that I feel really snowed (confused/tired). I think i've actually kept from going to the ER several times with the Zofran. I'd much rather be tired than be vomiting for hours. Nothing else i've ever tried for nausea has worked for me. I'm just very very tired in every sense of the word... I feel more like 80 than 22. Work is alot more stressful than it used to be, and it seems as though it actually makes me feel worse. I think i'm at the point where I need to think about quitting my job. It seems to be hurting more than helping anymore. I'm at the point where I don't care if I have a car, or new clothes or a place to live. I'm so tired of dragging myself to work, I feel like my quality of life is not good. I waste what little "good" time I have at work, when I can even make it there. If I could only figure out a way to keep things afloat for a few months, maybe I could finish my medical transcription class online and work from home. I'm sorry to be such a complainer but i'm just having a really rough time....Thanks for listening...

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I'm so sorry you can't get your eyes above the brim of the POTS hole.... I know just what you mean. I hope you can finish your classes too. Working from home might be a good option.

Did your gastric emptying test show anything? I have had great help from domperidone - it has really really helped me with the nausea. I was on a lot of Zofran too. You might ask your doctor about it.

Sending you a rope with a rose tied to the end,


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I'm sorry your feeling so bad...........I'm here to listen anytime.

I do stay home. I couldn't imagine going back to work, I know I wouldn't be very reliable.

I hope things work out for the best.


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I'm all to familiar with the unrelenting nausea. I have tried everything reglan, domperidone, zofran, phenergan and nothing seems to last for that long. I had the best success on Domperidone but it must have already adjusted to my body because the nausea is back.

Some Gastric Emptying studies come back normal if you take it on a good day. How were you feeling on the day of the test?

I hope you can get this resolved soon. Can you take temporary disability at work till you find something that helps with your symptoms?

Hang in there chicka


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