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Another update on Dancing Light ( Em)


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Hi Guys - Emily and I correspond quite a bit and she gave me permission to give you another update on how she is doing.

As of this week she is getting IV fluids which is helping somewhat. She is a tiny bit stronger than last week and the goal of her Dr's is to get her stable again before continuing on anymore treatment.

She has a good Lyme Dr who is working with her POTS Dr.

Lyme Disease has been confirmed which is why she has been on a trial of Doxicyclene. Unfortunately the herxheimer reaction was too much for Em, thus causing this set back.

For those who are not familiar with a herxheimer: It is a reaction to the Lyme bacteria Dying as the antibiotics kill them. This can cause major exacurbations of any and all of your symptoms. Its usually a trade mark reaction for anyone infected with Lyme. In time The herxhiemers become less and you start to feel better, but its not fun to experience one.

Of course Em has one of the greatest attitudes I have ever seen and I am always in awe of her!!

Once Em is stabilized and feeling better her Lyme Dr hopes to try another antibiotic at a very low dose again.

For now she is taking it easy, and I know she thinks of all of you and misses posting on the board.

I also cant wait to see her back on here.... she is a real trooper through everything!

I'm sure She will continue to keep everyone on here updated through myself or Melissa.

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Em, Hope you get everything under control and start to feel better...what a trooper you are!


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