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Feeling really down


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I've been feeling really down lately. I've had problems with nausea and diarrhea and i've been sick in public places so many times lately that I am literally afraid to leave my house. I feel nervous to go anywhere including places that i'm super comfortable in, like my mom's house. And I'm thinking that because I leave my house with the knot in my stomach and the expectancy that i'm going to be sick that it actually somehow triggers symptoms. Once i'm out somewhere and feel sick, I feel like I HAVE to get home right away. I saw my GI doc last month for the nausea and diarrhea and he gave me Hyoscyamine -- a pill that you let dissolve under your tongue that stops cramping and diarrhea. I used it once and it stopped the diarrhea, though it actually made me feel constipated. Does anyone else suffer from anything like this? Is it possible that my anxiety about actually being sick is causing my symptoms to act up? I don't even know what doctor to go to anymore. I do have really good doctors, but I just feel like there isn't anything else they can do. I know that I have a bad attitude about things right now...it's just so frustrating. I did however, through lack of any other idea, make an appt with my family doc for wednesday. I'm going to show him info i've printed about anxiety and POTS and see if he will give me some sort of anxiety med. I need something and I don't know what else to do.

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I'm sorry you are going through this :huh:

It does sound like part of what might be going on is you had some bad experiences and now, as a result of that your fear and anxiety are possibly bringing episodes on or exaccerbating your condition. This is a very common problem. Do you have a counselor or licensed therapist you can talk to? They might be able to help you find ways to sort out the problems and teach you some techniques and skills that might help you.

This is common with panic attacks too...the notion that one can have a panic attack and they may not know what caused the attack in the first place but for example, if the attack happened in the supermarket then the brain attaches the two as a "symbol" and thus, the next time the person is in the supermarket the brain says "oh no" and the panic sets in again and the reinforcements builds quickly. The reality is that most of the time the supermarket was NOT what triggered the panic attack but your brain kinda associates where you are with what you are doing.

I hope you feel better soon and are able to find the support you deserve!

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I also get stomach probs when I leave my house. I have stomach probs anyhow, but I think stress makes them worse. I used to get really nervous to drive, now I just don't drive alone. I am thinking about finding a counselor to talk to. I get really nervous and think that I am going to get sick, pass out, or something like that.. :huh: I don't want to take any meds though, it was hard enough for my docs to convince me to take the meds I am on now for my tachy, and bp...

Anyhow, goodluck and keep us updated on your progress. I def. know where you are coming from.


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Hi :) I am sorry to hear that you are feeling down. It can be so confusing knowing what are symptoms of emotions and what are symptoms of our disorder. If you do choose to go on medication for anxiety then it can be a good idea to add some sort of therapy or councelling to that. I dont know what your feelings are about councelling but some can be of great help! (unoftunately not all are good, but good ones are out there!)

Good luck with it, i hope your dr is able to advise you on the best path :lol: Let us know how it goes

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Anxiety can certainly worsen symptoms. When I was first sick, I made myself soooooo much worse by worrying about it all the time. I think this is especially true of Dysautonomia since we already have wacky things going on with our catecholomine (sp?) levels.

This anxiety may take a long time to calm down, and only part of it will go away as a conscious effort on your part (telling yourself not to be scared can only calm the fear so much, eh?) :( For me, time was mostly what helped. Over time I've learned not to fear my symptoms as much, and they've gotten slightly better as a result. Keep your head up, though, many of us can realate to what you're going through.



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I have POTS but I also have panic disorder. Panic on top of POTS can be a real mess. Talk with your doctor. If you have panic, then controlling the panic can certainly help you feel better and function better. It can make POTS or dysautonomia easier to deal with.

Do not think that a doctor telling you that you have panic means that they are saying your are crazy or that you do not have dysautononia or POTS. Panic can be part of dysautonomia and POTS. Both are regulated by our nervous system.

Get whatever help you need to sort it out. Things do not stay the same--everything changes, including our symptoms. You can bring on change by addressing everything you can medically and then working to find the best solutions for yourself.

MIchigan Jan

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My dearest,

I know how you feel. It's like we create this safe haven for ourselves, a place where we feel comfortable and its okay if we get sick and there's those around us who know whats going on and how to help. I am struggling with this too. I want to go out and do things but sometimes its just so frustrating when you do and you get sick, and end up back at home. Seems like we shouldn't leave at all, but we must. I know anxiety makes EVERYTHING worse, especially since I have had anxiety disorder for EVER. But, please do be careful if they put you on medication. I unfortunately was put on a medication which could possibly be making me feel worse now, nearly six years ago. And im only 19. I have begun with the doctors to lower the dosage and now have to go through withdrawal symptoms along with my pots.

They will help temporarily, but don't rely on them.

Hope your feeling more relaxed soon!


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