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meltdown at the docs office today :(


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Oh my folks.. ifeel like a real basket case today..my coping abilty is "compromised" along with the rest of my body....I did make it to my doc today..and i was telling her about the epsiodes that I have been having this past week. and I started to cry..b/c i am so sick of feeling sick.. and being in pain..and you just reach a point at times where you just cant cope.. and I was there today..

you know you have a good doc when they get teary eyed right along with you..

i just kinda feel at the end of my rope...I know that there are ups and downs with pots.. I feel like I have fallen in to the Grand canyon of pots holes..and at the moment cant see the light at the top of the canyon...or any relief in sight..

I did find out today though that my diabetes has indeed progressed.. and pills alone might not be enough.. that I might have to take insulin shots.. I was jsut like OMG! i said that I dont want to have to be insulin dependent.. tha though just scares me to death.. my aunt was insulin depenedent.. my doc feels that my diabetes is playing a role in my pots acting up so badly right now.. she is giong to try and find me an ando to see.. she doesnt want to start me on anyhting new diabetic wise.. util she talks to somebody.. b/c of everything else going on other then diabetes..

i feel like my body is revolting against me..is it possible to allegic to your own body??

my doc thinks that i am releasing lactic (sp or anme right?) acid into my muscle during apsiodes that are causing paralysis..she said that the next time that i get paralysis if during the day (office hours) to call and they will direct admit me to the hospital.. and that when I t happens again after hours to call the on call.. and tell them that I must have IV fluids.. and explain what I have. she said they are not going to know what POTS alone is..they are still fighting w/ insurance about IV's

I am very thankfull to have a good . great.. PCP.. but feel bad b/c I dont want anybody else to feel bad b/c there realy sint anyhting else right now to try in regards to treatment..my PCP told me today that she doesnt know whatelse to do.. and you know I can relate to what she is saying b/c I really dont know what to do either.. I mean I have and am doing everything i'm suppose to be doing..

I'm sorry I dont mean to be so negative.. but I am having a real dwon day and feel just horribhle.. I need some cyber hugs!

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Sorry to here the diabetes has progressed...I think you def. deserve a break right about now.

Atleast that may explain why you are feeling worse than usual lately.... you know what they say,"for every dark night there is a bright day that follows...." so don't give up, because the sun should be rising soon! Take care.


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Guest Julia59


Your not alone-----don't feel like your being negative---your just posting your feelings. You have a lot going on lately---I have seen it in action when you came to Toledo. Your really having a rough time, and I think about you all the time. Your so young, and this is too much on your plate.

It is very important to get that diabetes in control----I hope your PCP can find a good endo. Uggg----enough is enough young girl----you need a break---and a BIG HUG.

I'm so happy for you that your PCP is so cool. Dr. Johnstone was the best PCP I ever had, then she moved into emergency medicine, and out into one of the smaller towns. She actually went to school with my husband's brother David. Then my next Doc wasn't bad, but my insurance didn't cover him well as he was not a provider. Then my most recent PCP left for Cincinnati----now i'm going to a new one March 2nd. This will look good on my SSDI records---looks like I'm doctor shopping to get my benefits. I can't cry now---I'm just numb.

I know what you mean about the pain---that alone can make you feel like your spinning out of control.

This is a place you come to for support----vent as much as you want, I don't care if it's 15 pages long, I will always understand.

Julie :0)

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I am so sorry you are going through such a bad time. I know when you're in such a POTs canyon that it really seems hopeless. But it isn't hopeless, I promise. I am glad you have a PCP that at least cares enough to research and consult with others on your condition.

As far as the type 2 diabetes goes, are you working with a nutritionist? Are you eating a high protein and low to moderate glycemic diet? Most type 2 diabetes can be controlled or even cured by eating properly.

Well I hope you don't have get on insulin. Maybe an endo or a nutritionist can help you get it under control.

I am sending you a rainbow down into the canyon to give you some rays of hope! :)



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thank you all for your kind words and suport! i'd be so lost w/o you all to lean on from time to time .. :)

that isnt a bad idea baout a nutritionist.. though i eat pretty healthy.. and stear clear of the carby stuff.. and fried/fatty food.. and red meats..i wonder if inusrncae will pay for that.. hmm

mommamorgan...:) i am so sory that you are in the canyon alot these days too..well atleast you arent alone there..i hope that our visit to the canyon is very short..b/c its getting real old down here!!

So since i'm in the canyon. do you think I hit bottom yet?? and that maybe now i can start the S-L-O-W climb back up?? and i'll pull you up with me morgan! hugs to you all

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Guest Belinda

Hi Linda...Well at least you got some kind of answers for the scary paralysis. And I think you should make sure your PCP lets all the other docs. know about your condition so that if you do call the on-call to go in at least they will do the right things for you. It is worth a shot.

I am potsying it along with you sweetie..and about your diabetes soryy that it is progressing. I toook care of many people that have shots daily it stinks but they get used to it.

Thank youf or being there...BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!!!!!


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Insurance will pay for a nutritionist if your doc prescribes it. Since you have DM, that should be pretty straightforward. Docs tend to think you don't need a nutritionist because they think they have explained it all, but I disagree. I've convinced many people to see one and they all come back very grateful.

Try for 1 to 3 sessions. Try to talk to the head nutritionist at your doc's hospital and get a recommendation for one who can *think outside the box* so you get a session that's really useful rather than just a recitation of nutrition basics 101.


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