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anniversary 25 coming up


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It has been my dream for many years to renew my vows with my hubby for our 25th anniversary. That idea kind of went south as I can't stand for any length of time any more.

So I was all down, thinking about what I could possibly get him. I think this is a big milestone, and he has been so supportive of me.

Our first one was a civil thing that lasted less than 5 minutes. B)

So today I said the heck with it, forced myself to stay upright and have almost the whole thing planned and he doesn't know anything about it! I am so sneaky. My daughter in law is doing most of the work for me, but I got a priest and ordered the cake, got us matching rings (cheapos, but it's the thought, right?) Got the day and time and am getting a catered thing.

It will be at my son's, and I may be lying on the floor, but I am getting my vows renewed for my 25th. And he has no idea. I love the internet sometimes!!!! abrideagainmorgan

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hi brideagainmorgan!

that is fantastic! wow 25 yrs! that is along time!! god bless you both.. and enjoy your special day with your "HUBBY"!! heres to another wonderful 25 yrs to you both!!

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That is TOO SWEET!! What a great idea. 25 years. A true milestone. I am glad you have a sweetie.

Hey, if you can't stand, maybe you could sit down while doing it??....in a NASCAR! Ha, just kidding...Dave had his dream last week. ;-)

But WHY couldn't you both be sitting down? PLAN on standing up but hey, if you are having a bad day, just have two chairs close together where you can sit and hold hands and look at each other!!

Just an idea. i wouldn't let O.I. get in the way of what is obviously, everlasting love.

Take some photos!

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I just now read in many cultures, sitting down is part of the ceremony for the bride and groom.

Also, for Morocco weddings, the bride to be is 'lavished with attendants' to make her beautiful for the wedding and paint intricate Henna tattoos on her. and put lots of makeup on her The best part of that? The woman is NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANY HOUSE WORK until the henna tattoos fade! LOL.

Also if one is in a wheelchair, it's often suggested the other half of the couple sit in a nice chair...like a nice wicker chair or something.

So you have lots of options if you are tired. I once worked with a girl who saw the most romantic couple on a dance floor years ago. A man was in a wheelchair and a woman on his lap, as he slowly spun his chair around to a slow dance as the woman hugged his neck. How sweet!

Just to show, physical limitations do not have to interfere with celebrations.

AND you can always call Rent-a-Lazy-boy Recliner if you are really tired!! LOL. Then again, put a guy in a recliner and he's more likely to ask for the remote control than a ring! Ha...j/k!

I can't wait to hear the details and your husbands' reactions. It's true romance if you feel like this after 25 years you know.

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Wow! That is a really nice thing you are doing for your hubby! Also IT will be a great day for you know matter if you are sitting or standing! Good luck with all the planning, you will have to let us know how it goes! :)

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Wow, now THAT'S a cake! You guys are great! I think I will have us sitting and my children and grand children standing around us. That would be great. Ane the priest is being very accomodating, sp. So I am talking to my daughter in law tomorrow and we will arrange something cool! Thanks so much and I will be sure to send a pic, of my dapper guy and my scrawny neck self! morgan Oh, the actual date is the 7th, roselover, but that's a Tuesday.

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Hi Morgan!

CONGRATS, 25 years is a lonnnng time. I think it's great that you are doing this. Your husband is going to be soo surprised!! I can only imagine how excited you are. :) Keep us updated on all of this!!!!


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