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Small victory...


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Hey guys..well this isn't really all that exciting but I'm proud of myself..

It has been over two years since I got my hair cut professionally...I've just been hacking off a few inches every few months myself..It had grown out from my "pre-POTS" days and has been just blahhhhh...not that my hair is all that important given the other issues I'm dealing with.

Since becoming ill I don't wear makeup or fix my hair and the only clothes I wear consistenly are PJ's..and in a weird way it has been a bit liberating...truly not caring what I look like...but sometimes I miss being "pretty" you know?

So, my hair stylist whom I adore, has offered multiple times to come to my home and cut/color and do whatever I wanted to my hair..the only problem has been every time he's been schelduled to come out I've had to cancel b/c I don't feel well enough to sit up :) !

This weekend however I sucked it up and told him to come on out and we'd just do what we could...

My mom was great and let me sit in the living room in a comfy leather chair so that I could sit cross legged and be more stable and my stylist was very quick.

It was fun! I've really missed doing simple things like that and being able to interact with people..and my hair looks great!! It feels so good to have a style again..even if my mom and dogs are the only people seeing me! He was so fast with the cut that I may try to actually go to the salon next time and get OUT of my house :) .

So..Yay!!!! I know this is very trivial and I hope no one is offended by my excitement over this little thing..but I figured if anyone could appreciate what an accomplishment this was for me it would be you guys!

Love to you all!

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Guest tearose

This is such good and happy news! :)

I even detect more cuteness in your post! :)

We all are totally understanding of how the little things are really big things to us!!!

Getting the strength and letting someone help you feel good about the way you look is a BIG step!

I think you should celebrate!

I have this thing for sweets...I'll bake you a cyber cake to celebrate!

Thanks for sharing some happy news!


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Hi, I can relate about the haircut. JUST getting a haircut makes me happy, LOL. I wish I could do the whole self trim thing, but I have super curly hair (I straighten it all the time though!) so I don't think it would come out too well.

Know what bothers me at the salon though, the part where they wash your hair and you have to tip your head back into the sink...that bothers me.

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I am so happy you got a haircut!

It's funny that you posted about that b/c I had been thinking about posting and asking fellow homebound/bedbound folks HOW they got a haircut! Two stylists have offered multiple times to come to my house also, but I feel so unpredictable in how I feel from day to day, and didn't know if I could sit up straight long enough!

I got a haircut this summer from an aunt who was in town and it was my first since before the surgery and now I am really due for another one.

I have been wondering how I am gonna get it cut....and I haven't ever braved trimming it myself!

And, while I, like you don't see that many folks and don't do make up and stuff any more...and I know hair is such a lttle thing...getting that haircut this summer made me feel on top of the world!

So, thanks for sharing. Sometimes we don't realize the importance of even the seeminly silliest or smallest things until we can't do them!

Maybe you will take a picture of you and your new 'do for DINET photos???????? :)


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hey that is great!!

I know a few weeks ago I got my hair cut..(after about a yr!) and I love it!! I was so very happy with the haircut and style!!

its amazing how a new hairstyle boost the self esteem isnt it!??

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Whoo Hoo! Good for you! You sound like the hair cut was much needed and just the remedy to help raise your spirits! Sometimes it's the "little things" in life, isn't it?

I was so surprised to read the responses from everyone who mentioned their choice of attire (pj's). Why, that's my choice too! I thought I was just being lazy when I wouldn't bother to go and iron a pair of pants, get dressed, do my hair, only to sit in the house all day. I do believe I've found just the right group of "friends".........bless you all! :P

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im mary from ohio , worked in nursing homes for years,and took care of my grandprantces with . THERE IS NOTHING LIKE PAPERING YOURSELF TO MAKE OUR INSIDE SHINE AND LIKE THE OUTSIDE FOLOW.

id see someone ever loney and sad ,id clockout and ask them if they whated ther nails done or somthing and taik and before you no it that smile and confice on ther face lasts a long time.

so do thing for your self sometime.

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This on the pampering topic...I've noticed alot of folks have trouble going shopping. I am big on little boutiques or Saks and Nordies for shopping. Saks and Nordstroms offer FREE personal shoppers. So you can call ahead and set up an appointment. It depends on what you want, but normally you have a more private and large dressing rooms with chairs and a table. They usually make those areas cooler and will bring you drinks and food if you need it.

I find this works great if you know what you want or have an idea of what you want. Somebody else does all the walking around, etc. for you. I like the boutiques and typically they have sofas and you can really relax. There are several I go to, and the owners know me and about the fainting. So they are great about knowing what I want, and grabbing stuff for me and being relaxed if it takes me eons, because I need breaks.

Just thought I would point this out, because often I find people aren't aware you can get that service for free. The customer service tends to be great at the two stores I named, and that can make all the difference in getting through a shopping trip. Those two have always been tops at getting stuff for me, carrying things, and making sure I have a chair or whatever I need.

Makeup...same thing, especially at Nordstroms. They usually have one person for major makeup brands (such as Stila) that are really good makeup artists. You can set up a time and they will do your makeup for you, and make you look really great. That's always a boost for me, especially if somebody else does it! Nordies also has a program for folks with cancer, to help them with makeup and bras. Not sure if all of the locations have it, but it sounds like a wonderful program.

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blackbirdsings- what some good suggestions!

Regarding the hair: It is not a little thing at all. It is a huge thing. For most women our outward appearance is directly related to our internal feelings. This has actually been proven. I had a professor in college (who was a psychologist) tell me that he could tell when some of his inpatients' severe depressions had lifted because the hot rollers would come out. It's true- taking care of ourselves absolutely helps us feel better about ourselves, which in turn can help us feel better physically. I know, there are times when I really don't feel like putting on makeup but once I do I start to feel better all the way around.

Congratualtions on your new do!


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