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  1. after 8 years of pots and most doctors saying its in my head this is the first doc,doing ANY homeword so i am trying not 2 get my hopes up 2much.
  2. i all i do not write mush, so sorry about speling and grammer.went 2 new doctor he had me stand with arm straightand feet together ..a..had trouble alitte with balace BUT THEN tald me 2 close eyes fell back every time he had me do this 4 times . he even had all the nurses come in talk them this is a classes case....but he wood not tell me of what intill he done all his homework he said... alot of bloodwork 2 look at vitatims,kidney.liverand mri of brain and neck.anybody have any idaes????
  3. hi i am from ohio 2, and have he same pains. doctors just seam to ignore my complaites at this point.. its very frustrusting have lost 30 ld but still eat?alway in pain.doctors think its just from all my faints no big deal ...is 2 me and family.good luck
  4. yes and yes .this hapens to me too. alot of salt and water. good luck
  5. thank you for replys.and that web site,cs im terrible with computers.my kids fond this one for me.
  6. anyone tested or know antthing of basilar miagraines?doc talks too fast and i can not rember thing he says.
  7. im from dayton ,ohio.mom was a cemist for lawyer visted all the plants?
  8. this problem have a name. my son had this when he was 5. the state and doctor thought we were beating him.find a good doctor for blood testing.and nergolist.he was put on meds and a specal diet and was better in 3 week he is 20 now. hope things get better soon.
  9. my friends just say, she brain froggy or she spaced, and they wait it out they understand just ME.i uset to be inbearest but anymore,i try to rember its beetter then hitting the floor.
  10. boy have i been there ,but this works for me,i nibble all day long a little bites here and there on allot of salty foods and stay away form starch,cs starch just turns to suger and hard to digeast. good luck and hang in there.
  11. hi .. you guys are he best. just got home for er .the emt cedcapt me when i passed out and got brain fogg alitle at the store.for the last month i have been getting week on the one side and the other stuff so thank you for bring it up , you do not know how much this site helps me i do not post much but do read alot, but thing posot came on the perfet time ..thank you.
  12. i hear your pain in your post. HANG IN THERE.in the info top of this web is some great reading that might help you , but some for your guesguze for doctors just take time . and the good doctor to ansewer that must of us are looking ,you sound like a great mom, so take one day at a time infor youself and read has much has you can .i well pray you two , and thing WILL get better.
  13. hi, your visit to the doc sound like we so to the same one .is he in the dayton area by any change? i have been fighting thing doc sh.t for 5 years . i am so so ready to give up on some days them i am back ready to fight again thats life.we have good days and bad days.we are only human.right now iam in what my kids call rebelling phase by refusing to go to ANY doctors.so all i take is paxal for the familys well being,.hopely soon we WILL we energize reselve for anouther round to fight soon. keep fighting .
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