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This is not Pots related..Sorry..My sons movie


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I've been waiting for the chit chat room to come up so I could post but I know several of you wanted updates. Dustins movie opens this weekend "bubble". I understand if you take this off the board but I've been waiting for a "Good News" column I could post it in. I'm sure alot of you can relate to his illness because he does have aniexty attacks and this does show in the movie.



PS....Sorry if I make anyone mad about my post!!

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My son Dustin Ashley one of the main actors playing Kyle in the movie. Bubble will be released this weekend in some theatre's and on hdnet/paytv, DVD and in movie rental places all at the same time. This is his first acting experience along with the others and they did a very good job.

The website is www.bubble thefilm.com. I am so proud of him because he does have aniexty but Steven Soderbergh is tops in my book casue he was so good with him. Dustin did not go to the premeire because of the crowd that was there and Steven sent him a video message and that he understood completely.

I could go on forever telling ya about it all but I dont want to push it with the moderaters..I appreciate them letting me post this cause being a Pots person, its nice to have good in your life.

And I'm so proud of my son, it makes up for the bad days I do have. I am going to the theatre to see the movie Sat (I also bought the dvd cause there are extras on it thats not on the movie at the theatre) I'm so excited to se my only son on the big screen. ;)

It is a murder/mystery, it tells more on the website.

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Guest Julia59


I saw CBS morning news talk about the movie this morning. That is so cool-----I wish you & your son all the best. I'll have to tell my son about it----he loves movies. He will be in a play next month at the University.

It's the first time he will be using his talents. He is gifted, but unfortunately to shy to show it---slow but sure. I'm so happy for you both!

Julie :0)

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I remember you posting when he got the part--how exciting! :rolleyes: You must be beaming.

Yes, it's okay to post this--it falls under those things like birthdays and major accomplishments/milestones. The new section of the forum will be coming soon, we've just needed to tweak the forum guidelines to include the new off topic section.

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Thank you all for the congrats!!!!!

Yes, I'm very excited, proud and beaming. It has been a "ride" so far and its only just begun.

I've experienced different things in my life but nothing like this....I'll try and keep ya informed especially after Saturday when I go see the movie at the theatre. A Cleveland, OH reporter will be following Dustin around next week so that should be interesting. LOL

Take Care

"Never give up a dream"

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Hi CONGRATS about your sons movie!!! :) He must be soo excited. I'm glad his dream has comme true!

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How COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the write up in yesterday's USA Today. It was a good article.

Looking forward to seeing the movie.

It's good to see something exciting and positive happening in someone's life.

We need more of these kind of posts!!!!!!!!!!



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