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How do you know when you are having PACs, PVCs, etc?


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This may seem like a silly question, but since we have been discussing PACs, PVCs, etc, I was wondering what kind of symptoms you have when you are experiencing these kinds of heartbeats?

I know I have had arrythmias sometimes, because it is noted in my medical records. But I can't really tell if/when I am having them. I know when I am tachy because I feel dizzy and can feel my heart pounding in my chest, but I am not sure about PACs, PVCs, etc. I've been having these vibration feelings in my chest lately and am wondering whether they are PACs, PVCs, etc. It's probably not something I should worry too much about if I can't tell, but just thought I'd ask.... :(

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Hi, for me it's just something that if I am having them I know. I had PVC's show up on the Holter Monitor that I was wearing for months. Maybe someone here can better explain them. :(


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People do not always know when they are having PACs or PVCs. You can be unaware of them.

I have had silent ones show up on the monitor during a stress test and on a holter monitor. I also have ones that I can feel. To me PACs feel like a soft flutter in the left side of my chest (heart area) and PVCs feel like a giant boom!

One day, many years ago I had intermittant PVCs for several hours and it was like an explosion in my chest each time. It was impossible not to feel those! I went to the emergency room and was told they were harmless PACs and they sent me home. I was not happy and went straight to my doctor who caught one on tape and said they were really PVCs with a funny variation that made them look like PACs to the emergency room doctors. He, too sent me home. The only one worried was me! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sometimes I can "feel" a silent one while taking my pulse--it feels like a missed beat. Actually PACs and PVCs are premature beats, but they feel like a skip when taking the pulse.

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