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POTS see saw- right as rain last week


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Hi guys,

Just need a cyber hug or something....feel so low.....real POTS hole....pulse 170s on Monday, but the bbs leave me unable to function (slow me down, make me exhausted) so I'm falling behind with my work. I feel so alone here in Oxford and I just keep thinking of my best friends in St Andrews who would come on over with magazines and wine and make me laugh to take my mind off it. None of that here- just utter isolation. Just me, and my room. But then I don't want to see people anyway....just want to hibernate, wake up and be ok.

Last week was so great too- all the fun with the manuscripts. WHY is this condition so erratic. GRRRRR


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Persephone.. I'm so sorry that you are in apots hole yourself this week.. I know how you feel...

just wanted you to know I'm sending you lots of cyber hugs...keep remembering those manuscripts that you loved and felt so good about last week..

HUGS to you Perse....


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Hey, there is only one way to go from there now and that is UP!!! Just remember that things are going to get better, hopefully sooner than later.

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Persephone, the only think I can think to say is that eventually, the see-saw has to go back up again. It's hard to get used to, but the ups and downs are a normal part of having POTS (sorry :(). Be good to your body with rest and nutrition, and hopefully you'll perk up again soon. Hugs, nina

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