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Vibration in my chest


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Over the past few months, I've been having a strange feeling like something is vibrating in my chest/stomach area. It doesn't happen every day, just sometimes. When it does happen, it's usually at night. All of the other times it's happened, my pulse has been fine and it's gone away after a few minutes. I never felt dizzy or anything. I thought it was related to POTS, but was never sure.

Well, last night I had the same "vibration", only it lasted a while longer and I did feel really dizzy. I checked my pulse and it was high - around 100 when it is usually in the 70s lying down. My BP was a bit higher - 115/75, when it is usually 90/60 lying down. I tried to stand up and felt awful. I took a 1/2 pill extra of my beta blocker and it went away.

I haven't heard this symptom mentioned before, so I thought I'd ask if anyone else has it? I've had POTS for almost 2 years and this is a new symptom for me. I am slowly weaning off of my beta blockers, so I am wondering if I am feeling some arrythmias, PACs, PVCs, etc? I have heard others mention this before, but could never feel when it was happening. I also started birth control 10 days ago, which could explain at least the blood pressure part. I am hoping it's just a one time thing. If it happens again I will call my doctor....



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I sometimes get an odd sensation from the inside, which makes it hard to breathe and talk, when I take a deep breath there is a bit of a vibration feeling - I have found that if I push down on my sternum with the heel of my hand quite firmly, there is a little cracking/popping sound, and everything goes back to normal - for some reason I think it is only me that has this - I'm putting it down to another design flaw...

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