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adrenalin rush causing extreme stress and shakes?


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this keeps happening- every time I'm under pressure it's like my adrenalin goes into absolute OVERLOAD- I'm someone who used to love the challenge of deadlines but I've just spent an hour and a half SOBBING on my parents- I don't know what to do. I am going to keep trying to work- because I don't want to quit, but this is really interfering with my work time ;)

I've calmed down enough now to be sitting at the computer again and think about typing this essay, but what's happening is that when I sit down to begin to process my thoughts into the actual essay/paper, I start to get pins and needles coming up my arms and legs and face, and then my heart starts pounding until I'm crying, shaking, feeling like I'm about to SNAP or DIE.

Now I know this sounds like panic- but I have NEVER EVER panicked over my work. I get these feelings throughout the day but to a much greater extent when I'm sitting still, at the computer. I think I notice it more then.

I don't know what could be causing this- I'm strting to wonder if a lack of B vitamins could be behind it (cos of my vegan diet)?

Anyone got any ideas?

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lack of B12 and b vitamins 'could' be cause of concern for your diet but tough to tell if it is the symptoms you are currently experiecing.

When is the last time you saw or spoke to your doctor?

are you pushing yourself a lot these days to MAINTAIN upright posture? i know i got so years ago i had a friend help me get a laptop because I woulf 'feel' panic like attacks of adrenalin from trying to sit up at computer. I finally put a foot stool in front of the computer but after awhile, realized I needed a recliner and that doesn't work at a computer w/o proper layout.

If you are staying up right and under deadlines, that 'might' explain why your adrenalin is in overload...along with any other recent stressors you may have going on. But this is all extrapolation but protein can be very important for us as the adrenalin surges may wreack havoc with blood sugar levels.

Then again with OI it may be totally unrelated to diet. I know the first time I read about the OI "diet" on NDRF site years ago, I about flipped out but it helped me a lot but was far from "natural" and healthy!! so all our bodies are differernt. I know some pots people who can ONLY get thru coffee all day long and more than two cups makes me nuts and gives me the shakes. so caffeine is a wonder for some and curse for others.

Try to speak with your doctor if you don't feel better soon. Good luck.

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Thanks! Yeah, I've got a laptop which I'm working at now but I am finding it SO hard to be upright- I find myself sitting cross legged in hard chairs in my seminars (Oxford dons probably think I'm crazy)

My amazing tutor lets me lie flat on the sofa in her set when we have a class together- she is SO understanding aboutit and thinks nothing of it.

I'm flat at the moment. I know that I need a WEEK of being flat, and not moving, or thinking- but that can't happen til next JUNE. I'm worried I'll get so exhausted that I'll die or something.

Yeah, the adrenalin thing definitely makes sense- there is surely something weird going on!

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I know how tough this must be. Our bodies seem so "out-of-balance". We can have too much of the "fight-or-flight" response, and not enough of the chemicals needed to quiet the nervous system down.

I'm really not one to push drugs, but it seems that in some situations we need some help.

I hope you find relief soon.

Blessings to you,


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I have the adrenaline rushes also. with the shakes and teeth chattering. Sometimes many, many times a day. The b vitamins do play an important role in the nervous system but if one more than another, I have not researched that far into yet. I have been reading though that choline, one of the b vitamins, is imp. in helping to produce acethycholine, a nuerotransmitter for the parasympathetic system. I was hoping that by taking extra it would do something, but I hve been taking it for about a week straight and no change as of yet.

I know you are under a lot of pressure and the work must get done. Any break you can get, take it. Pls call you doc if this continues. ;)

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Persephone, I forgot to add a real boost for me is to lie flat with feet above the head!! That can REALLY help me bounce back...or at least with feet above the heart level.

But when above me head, I SWEAR I can feel the blood returning there almost immediately.

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It's interesting that you're having this problem. I've been working on my senior honors thesis this weekend, but keep having to stop because after about ten minutes of "deep thought" I begin to get the shakes and start feeling dizzy.

It's insanely frustrating. I'm sure you are normally able to get more work done, I'm in the same boat...it's taken me all day just to write ten pages of DRAFT. I feel for you. I guess us Dysauto's aren't supposed to be thinking :angry:

Good for you for sticking it out at Oxford. I don't know if I would be able to if I were in your shoes. You're one tough cookie :)

Hope things start getting better,


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Hi Persephone :angry:

I get the shakes too... i use to get them just doing every day things yet especially when i had to use my mind. I will feel like i was on some amphetamine in class then i would majorly crash afterwards and be all emotional. I just thought it was because i was using the energy/response i would usually use to escape dangerous situations often and for long periods of time to get me through my classes and homework.

Are you able to take this semester off and defer till next semester? Because then hopefully they can get your housing into gear and other little things that will help limit the stress. Sorry i realise you didnt ask for that sort of advice so i appologise if im sticking my nose in where its not wanted. Its just what helped me when i was similar (yet you are under way more pressure than i was and it sounds like your condition is a bit more severe).

Is the stress affecting your sleep? I know sleeping tablets saved me last semester, my dr took me off them as they are dangerous long term and now i am on a very tiny dose of a anti depressent to help me sleep and its working quite well. This is the first semester i have not had to ask for major extentions.

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I've been having adrenaline rushes and the shakes too lately, but they happen to me when I'm under extreme stress and only at night. They arent' panic attacks, but my body just goes haywire and can't keep my bp, heart rate or adrenaline in balance.

I do not like to take meds at all if I can help it, but I find that Klonopin helps get through these episodes and it seems to lessen the intensity of them. I've tried xanaxoccasionally too, and that helps from time to time, but I have to take baby doses so it doesn't lower my BP too much.

Flavored Magnesium citrate powder mixed with warm water (like tea) also helps relax me.

You are right the B vitamins are important especially under stress.

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this. I know you must really want to stay in school and get your degree so badly. I understand setbacks like these are so frustrating. Have you thought about getting a degree online so that you can take classes and turn in papers at your own pace? Just a thought! :angry:

Hang in there


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