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So MAd at my GP!!


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Hi Guys - I know its been a while since I have put a post on but I have to vent about my GP: I have been dealing with a sinus infection for about a month now.

Augmentin did not work, so she put me on Axelox... Wel I got really dizzy from that and called the office yesterday to tell them. The nirse seemed annoyed that I was calling, but anyway my GP then switched me to Biaxin.

Well I took one pill last night and had bad heart Palps from it.... I then tried it again this morning....same thing heat palps....

Upon furhter readin about Biaxin I read that it can cause Heart arrythmias and patients should use caution if they have a heart related problem.

So I call this morning and tell the nurse what is going on......

She just called me back and told me my GP said and I quote " She is going to have to realize that there are side effects to all abx" !!!!!!!! :P

I said but I have dysauonomia and I am worried that it could be serious.

Once again in an annoyed voice the nurse says " NO its not"

So now I am worried about taking another one.... I need to get rid of the infection, but I have a GP who dies nto care at all about my well being......

I am SO SICK of this kind of stuff as I am sure all of you are too.

I just called a new GP today and have an appt for end of the month.....

anyway, just needed to vent.... Still not sure what to do since I now do not have a Dr to help me with this problem.......

Thanks for listening :P

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sorry for typos....

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Hi Jenn

I would call that nurse back if you have concerns about taking this medication and you are having side effects from it that are related to the heart and asked to be switched to another medication. If she displays an attitude again, just tell her to lose the attitude and when its HER heart that is involved then she can decide for herself whether or not to ignore it but until then its YOUR heart and you have concerns and you would appreicate it being considered.

Your GP is correct, that all medications have side effects some you can live with and may only effect you in the beginning stages of taking the medication and go away after your body adjusts but if it is effects the heart rate or makes you short of breath or feel faint, I would not take it either myself. There are too many other medications out there to have to take a chance of something happening. That's just my opinion. But, I would absolutly not tolerate any attitude from the nurse or doctor just poo pooing my concerns away. Otherwise I would get a new doc and would tell them that as well. But, again thats just me.

I don't know if you have ever tried a medication called levaquin or not. but, it worked great for my sinus infection after other antibiotics did not even touch it. It also, as the other medications out there, has side effects that can be serious but I did not experience any ill side effects myself from taking it.

Good luck and feel better.

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That sounds awful. I honestly reccomend finding a new doctor. Dysautonomia IS SERIOUS. It may not be life-threatening, but it's nothing to scoff at. I was furious reading your post. What if something had happened???

Do you have a POTS doc you can talk to about the antibiotics? I know my POTS doc wants to be called before I take ANY meds (even over-the counter). He knows that people with Dysautonomia can have serious reactions to medications. For example, when I first got sick, I had a doc that tried me on a bunch of different meds without doing tests, I ended up in the ER six times because of overdoses/adverse reactions/allergic reactions.

I'm not trying to scare you. I'd just be careful. And what that nurse said to you is unforgivable :P

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Thanks for the support guys.....

I have an appt for a new GP end of the month.....

I am not comfortable taking the Biaxin..... Especially after I read a report from Neverlands , and it was one of the drugs that was classified to cause possible heart arrythmias and even cardiac arrest. I guess b/c it can cause an imbalance.

I also read on the patient packet that it should not be used if you have an electrolite imbalance...!

i AM so ANGRY..... I want to call back but I am so fed up with them......

Its so pathetic how this Dr would rather risk a major law suite.....

She didnt even send me for an EKG!!!!!!!!

I am beyond angry....

again thanks for the replies... I needed to just vent my frustrations today! :P

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I just wanted to tell you guys that you encouraged me to call my GP's office back...... I get so tired of fightong sometimes... but you are right this is MY health and I am paying THEM for a service!

SO I spoke to the nurse again and I said to her I have been having chest pain and heart palps all day, I have dysautonomia and I am not going to run the risk of hurting myself for a sinus infection and that there MUST be some other abx that she can fins to put me on!

Anyway just got a phone call back from the GP herself......I am still reeling

She told me she is just running out of options for me b.c I seem to react to everything and get this I quote " I need to have realistic expectations with my treatment" and that "there is no magic bullet and that is what I am looking for"!!!!!!

Then I told her that I am worried b.c of my heart irregularites and she says " and what irregularities are you talking about" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO SO angry.... I once again told her I have dysautonomia that she is well aware of and how dare she tell me that I have expectations of ANY kind. And if it were her who had to work with severe heart palps or dizzyness she wouldnt even think of it!

How dare this women talk to me like that.....

Sorry guys but I am so mad. I cannot wait to switch GP's....... the 30th cannot come quickly enough.....

Thanks for listening.

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Good grief^%%$#^!#

I HATE to hear of such arrogance from doctors and nurses! ANS problems can be worsened or even CAUSED by certain antibiotics...especially the new super powerful ones!!

I remember reading that years ago when I had some concern about antibiotics given to one of my CATS!

YOu know, some of you have had such rotten experiences by your doctors, it could be considered gross neglect of duty.

I am not a redneck sort but sometimes I wish foul language was TOTALLY acceptable to speak in a business like setting.

I can NOT think of one ladylike response to your FRUSTRATION at this time.

This is where one wishes they had energy to hit a bucket of golf balls at a driving range...pretend each golf ball is the face of the doctor and or the nurse/bull dog that answers the phones!! LOL.

Hang in there and GOOD FOR YOU for getting a new doctor.


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I'm not trying to sound like I'm a vindictive person, but I think you should report your doctor's conduct. Does she work for a hospital? I'm sure that even if she doesn't, there is some sort of government agency you can report her to. What if you'd had a heart attack? What if your arrythmias (spelling) are serious?

Also, if you cotinue having chest pain and palps, I'd reccomend going to the ER or an urgent care clinic. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Oh Jenn! That is awful treatment. ANYTIME you have increase/change or any sort of weird or different chest pain, your doctor should be doing an ECG to check things out. You should NEVER be discounted or ignored. They can't tell what is going on over a telephone call!!

As Sophia stated, many people with ANS problems react to certain antibiotics and if you are having problems I don't know why it would be such a big deal to give others a try till you find one that you can handle better. At the very least, you deserve to be treated with respect. I hope you have better luck with the new doctor. Can you visit a walk-in clinic (do you have those in the USA?) and request a different Rx for until you get in to the new place? Laura

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Thanks for your support! I really needed it today :P

Laura - Yes I did have her call me in some Zithromax.... She was going on and on about how she has exhausted ALL possibilities of abx for me.... ( There are only 100's out there) so I told her call in some Zithro..... and I literally hung up on her mid sentence b/c I was sick of her babble...she was so rude and condescending..

Dizzy Dame - Yes I would love to report her to our local hospital. but I am a little nervous that it would mean giving my name and possibly sabataging other good Physicians.... I could be completely wrong... I guess a call woudl not hurt...she has been negligent on many accounts....

Last year when I was ill and in the ER the ER DR wanted to admit me so he called the GP and told her she needed to come down to the ER to admit me b/c I desperately needed IV fluids in the hospital. Well it was her day off and I heard the conversation the ER Dr was having with her...he literally had to yell at her to get herself down to admit me...she reluctantly came......

ABout the heart palps.... Yes I wll get an EKG if it persists, but I also have Lyme disease and Lyem will do the same thing as dysautonomia so it is very hard to tell .......

Anyway Guys thanks as always for your support today.... It feels good to just let it out.... I also got on my total Gym and took out all my frustrations !! LOL

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Yesterday here in Springfield, Mo a 6 year old collapsed on the playground and died. She was on antibiotics and they are saying she probably went into an arrythmia and then cardiac arrest.

Well, on that note... That says it all!

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Thanks Ernie and Dawg!

Dawg - I looked up the story.... Did they say which abx she was taking? I would be interested in case I pursue something with this GP.

Thanks again!

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Guest Julia59

Your right----how dare she talk to you like that!

Many of us are very drug sensitive---and antibiotics count................

This Doc needs a spanking----then she needs to suffer what your suffering, and then get a sinus infection on top of that-----then have bad reaction to the anibiotics----only then will she realize the true nightmare you are in.

I understand how tired you are of fighting these excuses for a Doctor---or nurse ;)

But we always end up getting a second wind-------you know where this doc can put her stethoscope........... ;)

I'm glad your getting a new GP---good for you.

I hope you feel better soon.

Julie :0)

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wow your GP sounds like a real Jerk

Im glad you are moving to a new one and i hope you have better luck with them.

Even if a dr feels they have tried everything they should still give the paitient the time of day ... when it comes to your health you want to know that your dr cares about it. Gosh even pretending not to roll your eyes would be a good start.... there is nothing worse than if someone who belittles your fears.

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What a horrible way to be treated :angry: I was going to suggest zithromax,,that one seems to work the best for me w/o side effects except for some stomach upset sometimes. I tried levaquin,,gave me the shakes very badly. Biaxin truly put a hole through my stomach.

Hope the z-pack works for you. Try some warm compress on your forehead, over the sinuses.

Kudos to you for sticking up for yourself and not letting her getting away with treating you like that!

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