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Salty Salt Salt..


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Hello my Potsy pals..I was just wondering if ya'll had any ideas on how to get more salt? I can't find any salt tablets with more than 180mg of sodium in them..I've been using the chicken broth granduals which gives around 800mg..but I'm getting a little tired of it..I know there was a discussion not long ago and olives were mentioned..I also eat pickels..can't stand veg. juice so that's not an option.

I just know I'm not getting enough sodium..my diet provides around 2000mg..and since it's good to get 5000mg or so I'm struggling to get enough..I'm wondering if this might be why I don't feel better than I do? :lol:

Anyway..any ideas would be great!!

Love to you all!!

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I don't know where you live but in SW Ohio I can get Grippo loop pretzels. I am too tired to go look at the bag but I believe one serving has 600 or 800mg sodium!

Plus, many pretzels give me bellyaches (too much yeast or funky flour??) but there do not. PLUS, you can **** the salt off of them and throw the pretzel away.

A big handful of these pretzels and a tall Gatorade has helped me perk up many a tim.

Also, these salty pretzels go well with DARK CHOCOLATE like chocolate chips or dark dove chocolate pieces.

My sister, who eats "VERY HEALTHY" 90 % of the time has lately eaten on one or two occassions, "Junk food" like chocolate, or a Fish sandwich and fries from fast food (SHE HATES fast food but gets "cravings") and it has HELPED HER! She is a massage therapist who is health conscious but we have both been thru a lot of stress this year. But when many claim 'diet has helped them', how is it the junk food can not only save the moment of feeling good, BUT give me the stamina to DO SOMETHING and either clean or leave the house?

Yet other times salt and junkfood doesnt help.

I know it's a tough questionb but i found it interesting. But I highly recommend these pretzels if you can find them. Good luck adding salt. It's best on the stomach to get in a food source.

I wish I like pickles but can't tolerate vinegar. Good luck

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Have you tried putting Celtic sea salt in some bottled water and drinking it each morning before you start your day? I have gotten to where I can drink pretty salty water and actually enjoy it! :lol: I try to do this once in the a.m. and again in the afternoon/early evening. Sometimes I add it to my apple juice or gatorade as well.

I have also discovered miso soup from the health food store. It's high in sodium and I cook it up with a little veggies, onions and almond butter. Sounds weird, I know, but that's one of the recipes suggested on the small tub that it comes in. It's actually very tasty! And for extra salt I add some dulse seaweed in it. Again, weird sounding but I love the taste and it's a great, nutritious soup to have on a cold day, and loaded with sodium.

Salty nuts or crackers are also an option. Good luck!


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My favorite way to get salt is in soup. I LOVE soup, and I eat it often once a day, especially when it's cold out. (I'm vegan, so it's always some form of vegetable or beany soup). I can tolerate its being really salty, unlike some other foods, and FX a basic vegetable soup that I make will use salty boullion, and then I can add a tablespoon or so of salt to each bowl. Since salty snacks haven't been easy to find where I am, I usually just put tons of salt on my foods. Also, I just remembered something that tastes really good. English cucumber slices topped with salt and dill weed. Yum! (My grandmother's 'recipe').

I also eat a lot of bread and add extra salt to things like hummus. I can't get salt tablets here, and I drank salted water once- never again!! :lol:)

Good luck!

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I totally agree with the soup suggestion. However, as you may know I get iv txs daily which are saline with potassium and sodium. So, that is how I get the majority of my sodium and boy, can I tell when it's time to hook up. Really, it has made a huge difference in my life. I am sick right now with some viral thing but the fluids at least allow me to be upright. The more fluids I take the more I am able to do. I took four bags yesterday just to be able to care for my kids. But.... it beats being bedridden or in the hospital. So, that is what works for me.


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I get my salt from "li-hing plums". They are pickled plums that are usually found in Asian Markets. My doctor in Hawaii reccomended them to me because they have 500 mg of salt per plum They're pretty salty though and have actually made me throw up if I eat more than three on an empty stomach.

If any of you are interested, but can't find an asian market in your town, you can look online

try googling "Li-hing mui", you should find a place that will ship.

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Lots of good suggestions. I try to take salt tablets but sometimes they give me weird headaches. (my pharmacy had to order them)

I make popcorn most evenings. I have a microwavable popcorn maker from Target. It's basically a big heavyduty plastic bowl/lid. I use a bit of canola oil (it helps the salt to "stick")and add popcorn kernels and cook it in the microwave. When it's done I load on salt (it's actually a powdered salt/imitation butter that I found at the grocery).

It's really salty! One time my husband mistook my bowl for his and he said that his lips felt like they were bleeding because of all of the salt! :lol:

Have a great day!


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I've done lots of salt experiments in the past coule years an dI have to say using the Celtic sea salt has been the very BEST!

I use a 1/4 tsp to very liter of water I drink and like Calypso, I am now used to drinking salty water amd liking it! The Celtic salt has a different taste than regilar sodium chloride....kind of a richer taste to me and MUCH mroe enjoyable...anyway, I have bee able to put away my salt tabs b/c of this and Am doing well so far on just the celtic.. My sodium is higher than ithas been in a while.. I was 137 last blood work up where I am usually 130 range and soemtimes 120's.. I hope to continue seeing improvement.

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Hi I use green olives..when I get really potsy feeling sometimes if I eat like 7-8 (or half the jar!!) green olives.. and then drink either water or gatorade.. it sometimes helps..

also I know that soup was mentioned too.. but if you make like the condensed campbells chicken noddle soup.. and dont really dilute it w/ water.. its more salty.. then add some salty cracker.. its a good salt fix..

also Ramen noodles.. cooked w/ 1 cup of water instead of too.. is very salty..

oh, and you can add a small packet of salt ( like those tiny ones you get from like McDonalds..) to you gaotorade.. and shake it up.. and chug it...taste salty though.. but helps..

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honestly, over time, i've made many a thing in my diet more salty....i can't tolerate salt pills either but just add salt to pretty much everything...well, not everything, but lots of things.

pickles are great. as are pretzels. they vary A LOT in terms of sodium content so check the labels. and soups. they also vary a lot, and you can always add extra salt. salty popcorn, tortilla chips with extra salt added, cheese (real or "fake"). i'll make nachos with tortilla chips & cheese with LOTS of salt. or a quesidilla (sp) with the same. refried beans added in or separately can be good with extra salt too.

and salty popcorn too. and yes, i realize i'm pretty much repeating what everyone else has said. sorry:-) soft pretzels can spice it up a bit too. potatoe, egg, & veggie dishes are always autonomatic salt add-ins for me. and salty corn on the cob...yum yum :blink:

i add salt to some stranger things too....i.e. toast or bagel with a cream cheese or butter/marg or jelly/jam/preserves or peanut butter...i add salt & love it.

on the "junk food" side of things..if you don't mind turning orange...cheetoes have a super high sodium content.

trail mixes...pre-made (trader joe's has some yummy ones, but a bit pricey) or self-made can include salty nuts. or salty nuts alone.

i've had veggie chips that are super salty too (from trader joe's) that i think are super yummy.

i'm also a fan of hummus, babaganoush, etc...& like them with extra salt added in in various serving styles.

TV dinners are also super high on the salt content

and as someone else mentioned, deli meats (if you're okay with nitrates)...i love hillshire farms deli select ultra thin turkey breast....480mg sodium in only 2oz.

and ketchup, salsas, & a lot of dressings/sauces tend to be high on the sodium.

when i'm up to it energy wise (i.e. before i moved/started school) i would sometimes make my own fries - either regular potato or sweet in the oven & pile on the salt.

so....i think i've said enough. i think i've realized that i pretty much just eat salt? geesh :)

hope this helps with some ideas...

B) melissa

lisa -

the bleeding lips comment gave me a grin...i have felt on more than one occasion that my lips/tongue to not appreciate my salt intake :(

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