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Coping with POTS & Life in General


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Hey guys :blink:

I just wanted to post and say I'm sorry I haven't been around much the past week. My POTS is acting up some and I'm struggling to get through each day right now.

To all the newcomers---Welcome!!! I look forward to reading your posts and learning more in the upcoming weeks.

I'm feeling overwhelmed with losing my grandfather (and the way my family has treated me through the whole thing--that's actually been the worst part of it & what has made the experience feel traumatic vs. only a loss of a loved one). With that and preparing to leave for Vanderbilt, packing to move again and my LTD carrier being unreasonable....well....it's a bit much. I'm not sleeping well (not that I usually do but it's a little worse) and I still find myself getting weepy a couple of times a day when I think about my family or my Grandfather. I guess it will just take some time.

I hope Vanderbilt goes smoothly and has something to offer and I hope when I return home I can quickly settle into my new home and STAY PUT for a while!!

Thanks for being so supportive last week when I learned my Grandfather was sick and was going to die. I feel like you guys are the family I never met but was supposed to have to begin with :):)

I will try to read and keep up as best as I can but I'm sure while I'm in the hospital that will be difficult. I may not be posting very much the next few weeks but I'll try to check in some and know that all of you will be in my thoughts and I miss you guys when I'm not able to post and interact but that doesn't mean you aren't on my mind and I wish all of you better days!!!

Seems like many of us are still in the canyon. I personally feel like I'm on a journey exploring what is UNDER the canyon :)



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I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. I know how it feels, I lost mine about a year and a half ago and it's tough. Luckily i was still relatively healthy. I can't imagine going through it sick and not to mention the other stuff going on in your life. But i give you alot of credit for staying so strong.

You will be in my thoughts. I hope things will get easier for you. Good luck!


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Hi Pooh,

I'm sorry that you're having a difficult time (with your grandfather dying and your family), but please know that you NEVER need to apologize for not being around. It's easy for me to say, as I probalby appologized for this myself before :lol: . I'm often thinking of you and really hope that VanderBilt has answers for you. And that after you've moved again you will get more stable than you are now. It's difficult to cope with POTS (especially on "special" ocassions) but please know that we are here for you as your own POTSFamily. We might have POTS, but at least we CARE about eachother. That's what I love so much on this place: we help, respect and care about eachother. I think lots of family's must be jealous at us :lol::lol:

When are you leaving for VanderBilt?

Warm wishes Pooh and please let us know how it went at Vanderbilt!

Corina :)

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Hi Poohbear,

(((hugs))) to you. So sorry about your grandpa. Double sorry for the troubles with your family. Just remember your grandfather knew you loved him, understood why you were not physically able to be there but you were there in ways that counted, mentally and spirtually.

I hope everything goes well with the move and your Van. appointment. Look forward to reading your experiences there :lol:

Seems like we may be digging a hole to the center of the Earth :lol:

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hi pooh-

just wanted to send some hugs your way & good wishes for the move, the trip to & stay at vandy, & the LTD mess. i've dealt with some version of all three in the past 5 months so can feel your frustration at least a little bit (though obviously not exactly). keep on hangin in there...

:lol: melissa

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Sympathy and hugs to you for what you're having to deal with right now. I know you won't be able to post for a while. We'll miss you while you're away, but I'm so happy for you that you are able to go to Vanderbilt. When you are able, do keep up us posted on how your visit there goes.


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Pooh, try not to let your family make your life harder than it has to be. If your grandfather knew you loved him, and you had good times with him in LIFE, that is the most important thing.

Be kind to yourself. Nina

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