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New autonomic doctor doesn't think I have hyper pots/new meds.


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Honestly I can't remember some of the conversation because of brain fog. But yeah I had to wait 18 months to see an autonomic doctor because the first one quit or whatever. 


I think the new doctor said something about inflammation of the vagus nerve. And to combat it I was prescribed Pepcid 40 mg twice a day. And Alpha lipoic acid 200mg 3x a day. I forgot how she said it works. But she said I'd be healed. I'd also have to give up dairy, gluten, and a couple other things. I'd have to look at the paper again. Sorry the memory is so bad. 

But yeah have yall ever had this combo of meds? 



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@Derek1987 Was this physician aware of your history? The faintings, the fatigue. the exercise intolerance? Does she expect you to stop all of your other meds and add those new ones, or does she want you to stop your other meds?

14 hours ago, Derek1987 said:

But she said I'd be healed.

I am not in a position to question any physician - but IMO this is a bit bold of a statement, even for a specialist. 

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Honestly was this a medical doctor? The pepcid will help with GERD symptoms but not a lot else and the alpha lipoic acid is just a food supplement - this means that they have not tested it under proper pharmaceutical conditions and is not regulated as a medicine here.

I would be incredibly sceptical on any doctor who said take anything and you'll be healed as honestly this cannot be guaranteed even on simple stuff and dysautonomia is anything but simple.

If they are proposing changing any other medications you take I would take advice from the prescribing doctor before making any changes.

If you are currently taking any other medications many require gentle phasing out in order to prevent sometimes catastrophic effects.

I've known two cases where a doctor has advised quitting all the drugs. The first (a neurologist) recommended cutting out all anti seizure drugs for a severe epileptic - luckily they got a second opinion who informed them that if they had followed the advice it might well have been fatal and reported the neurologist to the board. 

The second was a GP who stopped lithium and high BP meds for a friend with predictable but luckily non fatal results but the hospital wasn't happy.

I'm not a doctor or giving medical advice but take a second medical opinion before following this advice.

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