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My Conference


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Thank you all for your support. I logged on this morning before leaving and I saw that you were still thinking about even shortly before I was leaving. It made me feel good and more self confident that things would go alright.

So I went to pick up my new friend and we went to the school. There was about 20-25 people.

I told my friend that they would think she is the speaker. Sure thing, we go in the room while she pushes my wheelchair with me sitting in it and they asked her if she was Ernie. She said know and pointed at me. The other woman's face dropped for a few seconds. I guess she was wondering if I was able to talk!

My friend helped stick my posters on the wall and I started to talk. I used my posters as memory triggers so that I did not have to read my notes. After a while I realized that things were going smoothly and peole were taking notes about what I was saying.

I did a meditation/visualation of 20 minutes and a muscle relaxation exercise for 15 minutes. I was so relaxed after giving them that I think I benefited from it myself.

The conference was suppose to be for 90 minutes and I managed 3 hours! I did not think I could talk in public for so long. After doing 2 hours I realised that I was over my time and asked the group if they wanted me to stop because it was lunchtime. They said they wanted to continue.

I stayed in my wheelchair for the whole time except when I went to the washroom. It was nice to walk around for a few minutes. I explained to them that I can walk but that I have problems standing for long.

I am very satisfied of my work because it went beyond my expectations. I was faint-free, knew what I was talking about (as you remember I was afraid to panic and forget everything I have learned or have so much brain frog that I can't even remember my name!) and people got involved. I am more confident now that I will be able to do it again.

I'll probably remember more details later on but I am still on cloud nine!

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That's amazing Ernie. I'm so pleased and proud. I knew you'd do just fine. You must be so proud of yourself. I can tell from your posts in the last few weeks, especially since you got your new wheels that you seem like different person. A new and improved woman. :)

I hope you continue to climb mountains and leap tall buildings in a single bound! :)



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Guest Finrussak

YAY!!!!! for you!!!!! I am so very happy for you!!!!

I guess I was a bit surprised by the last reply post...describing you as a new woman..as a newbie I assumed "ernie" was your name and it was male...sorry!!!

and as I cant search old posts ( returned from a new MRI--standing and sitting!!!) and quite exhausted due to the episodes I pulled both ways in the car) what was your successful conference on and what was your topic??? I am always inteersted in the successes of others!!!!

and again congratulations on a job well done!!!!!

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Thats great news Ernie!!!!!!! :)

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Thank you everyone for sharing my joy! I am little laid back today.


Yes, I am female. Ernie is short of Ernestine.

My topic was: "Mind and Body Connection and your Health". I explained the main emotions and which type of disorders they trigger. Then I had them do exercises to release emotions.

I have been a therapist for 12 years and I specialize in Psychosomatic Disorders. The main reason I developed this specialization is because doctors told me for over 30 years that my symptoms were psychosomatic. I was trying to find my cure! Now I know better.

I would have prefered to have a psychosomatic disorder than a genetic disorder because I would be cured by now!

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That is wonderful!!!! Savor the victory.

I think it is outstanding that you made something good come out of something bad. You made lemonade out of the lemon diagnosis of pychosomatic disorder that you were given. I always like to think of the "good things/things I have learned" that have come out of my illness. It comforts me.


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:D:D:D Well done Ernie, good on ya! I hope u are as proud of yourself as we all are!! :P:D:)
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