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tierd after tachy


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Hi all.

Today i felt well. I ate my bowl of spagetti bolognese, pasta and mince meat, i started feeling funny. I had pains in my side, then had an bout of tachycardia. Now i feel tierd, drained from energy, dry mouth and anxiety.

Ive read that carbs are bad and its not the first time this has happened, i was thinking the pasta is the culprit, although i didnt eat much of it.

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Carbs are not bad. We need carbs, fiber, fat and protein.

Many with POTS experience what is called "post prandial hypotension", which is just a fancy way of saying low bp after eating. Your gut requires more blood flow when digesting, dropping the core bp a bit, and can provoke tachy.

Also, it's absolutely NORMAL to feel tired after a tachy episode. You're heart just ran a race even if you were sitting still at the time. No different than if you'd done a jog or some aerobics.


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Actually, I feel compelled to reply that it doesn't sound like celiac disease, which I have. I have never seen tachycardia and exhaustion following eating listed among the celiac sprue symptoms.

Celiac is a geneticly based digestive disorder, leaving the person unable to digest gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye. Symptoms involve intense cramping, abdominal bloating, gas, diarhea, and decreased nutritional intake over time, which can lead to severe weight loss and/or malnutrition. Additionally, a gross but consistent symptom, is bowel movements that are very "fatty" and float.

The tests for celiac include a blood antingen test as well as a sigmoid (gut) biopsy which is the more definitive of the two tests. If you don't have anyone in your family with celiac, it's less likely that you have it. If you have a first degree relative, it's more likely.


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HIM :) sowwwy , lol.

After eating i always feel bad. The weekend i had a party, i ate ALOT! and drank on a social level. I didnt excreet until 3 days later. I feel theres a digestion problem somewere along the line, ive noticed i dont empty my number #2's as i normally should

You drink? My doctors have all said to stay AWAY from alchohol because it can exacerbate hypotension. The last time I had a beer, I passed out (this was when I first got sick). Now I've developed an aversion to alchohol, I don't even like the smell of it anymore, same with caffiene.

Maybe that's why you got sick.


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Baby Boy,

Have you tried adding fiber to your diet? I have done this recently and it has really helped in the bathroom department. Most people don't get enough and it can be as simple as eating a high-fiber cereal for breakfast. Some of them actually don't taste too bad, either!

As for caffeine and alcohol, I can tolerate a little of both and there are others on this board who can too (although many can't). We are all so different -- you just have to do what works for you.


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