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wish me luck

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I have my Disability hearing tomorrow at 10 am. Wish me luck. It ought to be interesting because not only is orthostatic intolerance an issue. I also have some brain dmage from my ICU stay last year. Had neuro-psych testing.

:) . I don't know how long it takes to hear, although my attorney is confident.

Hope you are doing . Take care Miriam

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:) Wishing you all the best and keeping fingers crossed for you!

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miriam -

sending super duper good luck & wishes your way!

:) melissa

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[SIZE=14] You wouldn't have believed this. My attorney had a bunch of cases with the same judge in a row. He said that this guy was reasonable. This judge likes pre-trial information, so he knows ahead of time what is happening. There were a couple of reports missing-MAYO-- so I said I would see that he got it. And my neuropsych results which I have and can fax.

He went over my info and asked me a couple questions. Then the vocational guy

said all my jobs were skilled. The ones he could recommend were ticket taker, cashier, and something I couldn't hear. Then the judge says whell she really is in pretty much of a vegetative state so could any of these work? NO. So I'll get the records to him and wait. Thanks for all your support Miriam

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Not quite sure how to respond -- but I really hope that the decision is in your favor!

Do you have a timeline as to when you should here back?

Is this your first time applying?

Have a good day,


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