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Hi, Im new


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Hello everyone,

My name is Pete Sturgill. I live in Cecil County, Maryland. My Wife and Daughter, who you all are probably know, have been suffering from Dysautonomia for two years. My Wife, Sallyann, has POTS, NCS, SVT, and CVS My Daughter, Sara (Sara831) has POTS, NCS, OI, and SVT. I have been living with little understanding of dysautonomia dispite the fact that ive been seeing it in action almost constantly, living with two dysautonomics. So im really looking to get more involved and have aquire more information to show more support to the two people i love most. My wife and daughter continuesly talk about how helpful DINET and various other forums have been for information and support. I always hear how much you all have helped, i really dont know what they wouldve done without you all. Thank you so much for being there for Sallyann and Sara, and i look forward to reading youre posts.

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Hi welcome!!

it is nice to see a hubby and father on board trying to learn about his familys illness.. great that you want to learn more..

It you havent allready to the forum main page.. www.potsplace.com (DINET.Org) there is SOOO much info on there for you to read..

again welcome! :)

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Hi Pete! Welcome! Do you have any more family members hiding away somewhere? :)

I'm so glad you're trying to understand dysautonomia more to help Sallyann and Sarah. It does take time, but you're moving in the right direction. My parents (MD and RN) have been very impressed by the good information that I've gotten from here -- sometimes the people who live with it day in and day out have all the best answers! :)

Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future -- we're really starting to get a nice collection of gentlemen on here! :):) Ask all the questions you want -- we've all had to start at the beginning too! ^_^


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:) Hi Pete - Welcome - I know it can't be easy for you living with 2 people you love with this disorder, but thank you for trying to understand it a little more. It really changes day to day life activities and I commend you for trying to help your wife and daughter and supporting them just by coming onto this forum - Maybe you could clone yourself into my husband's brain??(Only kidding :)^_^ )Have a good weekend, Beth/New Jersey
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Hi Pete and Welcome! It is very nice to see a family member here. I was talking to my doctor the other day, before I became syncopal, and told him this was so difficult, because it affects my family as much as it affects me. And I truly believe that. When a family member's health is in the drain, it has an effect on the whole family.

I hope you can find answers here, but also support and understanding. For an "invisible" illness, this has widespread effects. Please ask anything you need and someone here will have answers, or if nothing else, just will listen to you if you need to vent.

I occasionally have my hubs come on and post for me. He finds it amazing that where I live, this is a psych disease. But when he comes on, he can look anywhere and all these people have exactly the same psych disorder. HAR I see you are an MD as is Karyn, so do not take our doc bashing personally okay. You see it on a daily basis and Karyn lives it. None of us believe all doctors are bad. I think we just wish sometimes that more of them could just admit they are flummoxed when they don't know, as opposed to automatically giving us psych diagnoses. So be prepared, as we usually vent a little when that happens.

I have a doctor that freely admits he knows I'm really sick, but I am way beyond him and anyone else where I live. I have more respect for him for him than just about anyone. So just a heads up. Karyn, you disappeared for awhile and I was afraid that was the reason. This is why I have put this in here.

Again, welcome, we are glad you are here and SallyAnn and your daughter are lucky to have you! welcomewagonmorgan

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Hi Pete! Welcome to the "family"!

Ask questions, vent....whatever you need....that's what we are here for ^_^

I have a couple of questions for you....

What is the most challenging thing for you being around two people in your family who are often not feeling so great?

For those of us that don't live with any family members and thus, they tend not to see our episodes and how sick we can get....got any recommendations for how we help them to understand or even believe our condition? Has it been hard for you to accept the "invisible" pieces of this disorder?

You don't have to answer. I'm just curious and wondering if what you say will help others have insight from a different perspective.

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I'm also a caregiver (although not as much so since she MOVED OUT ON ME!! :)^_^

My daughter Chrissy has POTS and just left for college, sorry, just venting!

I'm stuck with all men at home now, please don't take offense--it's just really DIFFERENT!

Anyway, glad you're with us, you will find TONS of information here. This site has been extremely helpful to my daughter and myself.

Take care, Patti

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Guest Julia59

Welcome Pete!

How nice it is to see that you support your wife and daughter. It is so hard on the people who suffer from POTS/Dysautonomia, but we should not forget the care givers who devote so much time and energy to help their loved ones.

You are definately one of those loving and supportive caretakers----------- ^_^ .

My husband is also very supportive. He works full time---and just a couple of years ago he was working full time for the post office and also going to school to finish his degree, and at the same time we were both learning to deal with an illness we never heard of. MY husband finally received his degree in 2002----after that I was diagnosed with POTS in 2001, but I was actually sick before that. I would say the most difficult time was just before being diagnosed and not knowing what the heck was going on.

Since this time I have been diagnosed with other health issues that have affected my upper spine and lower brain stem area. I've had one surgery in June 2002, and this was during the time my husband Ron was taking his exams to finish his degree. He has remained devoted to me all through this process of trying to feel better again.

I commend all of you caring and devoted caregivers out there. It can't be easy to juggle all of your other responsibilities, and then taking on some of our responsibilities when we are not functioning very well-----and then at the same time trying to take care of us---and support us.

Julie :0)

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Good for you for getting more involved!!

My dad doesn't seem to understand why I can't go on 400 mile bicycle rides with him like I used to... <_<

I'm sure your wife and daughter really appreciate your interest, and it will help you all understand each other better.

Anyway, thumbs up and I think it's so nice that you're interested!

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welcome pete!

just wanted to echo others' thoughts/comments about how great it is that you're here & that you're already the support you are for the ladies in your life. they're lucky to have you. i'm 25 & even though i'm "grown up" my parents' support means tons - perhaps more so.

there's lots of info here so read & ask away as much as you'd like & are able.

we're glad to have you,


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i know how hard it is for our loved ones to see us sick and suffering, and how helpless they feel, sometimes we dont realize how much our being sick affects them, and i know i feel so bad telling my mom all my problems and complaints all day, it definately cant brighten her day or make her happy to hear how lousy i feel, but then we also shouldnt beat ourselves up for sharing out burdens, thats what family is for, to lean on, still i hate how knowing how sad and worried my parents over my being sick,


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Welcome Pete. You'll now serve as my surrogate dad...well, in cyberspace at least.<_< My dad thinks I'm making all this health stuff up and told all my relatives so. How fortunate your two ladies are to have you trying to learn more and understand better.

I hope this forum gives you support too--caregivers have a tough load to bear and go through the emotional rollercoaster with us. Many times, they are (you are) the reason people like me are able to maintain some sense of normalcy.

Welcome! :( Nina

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