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My Procrit story


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My oh my that's wonderful news! And good for you for sticking it out so long!


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Steph.. Girl you ROck!!!

You are definately one chica I want sitting in my corner..!!!

I am so happy that you got your procrit!!

Its great to hear about one of the good guys winning (you!!) for a change!!

it is sad though that in The great USA.. that gov. insurance well isnt all that it could be..

Be heres one for the good guys that fight.. YAHOO!!!

Linda ^_^

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Steph - You just made my night! I am so happy to hear you have your procrit back!! That is such wonderful news.

Your a fighter and you have perserveerd through some really tough things.....

Congrats and I hope the procrit will give you the "kick" to get you back to the things you like to do ^_^

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Sorry you had to go thru that ordeal. It's great that you were proactive about it and used all your available resources. We forget about politicians, but I interned for a Congressman once. They help constituents with all kinds of things, and, believe me, our health issues are much more important than most of it! Anyway, it's so great that you came through with flying colors. Hope you're back on your feet soon!

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steph -

YIPPEE!! i read your post the other night (the whole thing, of course!) and was SOOOO excited but too sleepy to respond & just realized that i never came back to it. so...sorry for the delay, but i am SO happy for you.

congrats on being a fighter. and on getting all those other resources & connections to do their stuff as well. i've been having to fight still re: my wheelchair mess so know how much energy it takes.

it's so great that you had so many people behind you & that - in the end - the prior fight came back to help you out this time around. i'll be hoping you won't have to start from scratch in january but it's great to know you have your arsenol ready if you do.

i hope your magic procrit starts doing its stuff speedily!

:) melissa

p.s. i'd noticed you were a bit more quiet on the board too but didn't want to overreact...you were around just enough to not get me worried, but you were up to something after all!

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that's fantastic news about your procrit. what a story! I was smiling when you said you made the right friends in college. :) It's really incredible that you made it happen...and so quickly! Getting paperwork done at my college takes longer than your government ordeal! Way to go! Can't wait to hear you feeling better.


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I received your paper today! Thank you so much for sending. I've been reading pieces of it (too POTSy to read the whole article) and it really sounds promising!!!

I'm seeing a new endo soon, so I'll take a copy of it and ask the endo to start bloodwork and see if the procrit can be an option for me!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to make a copy of your paper and send it to me! That means a lot to me!!!


Corina :)

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