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glad i found this


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good morning, I am so glad I found this forum. My name is Tracy and I have been diagnosed with POTS. I have had problems most of my life, and now just found out it is POTS. I can't believe how many others have this. I have been skimming a few of the posts, and it is just unbelievable to me. When I tell that I have POTS, people just look at me. I took me countless doctors and testing to finally figure this out. One doctor was just about to do surgury, after talking to the doctor who finally told me it is POTS, she also told me the surgury, would have really been bad for me. I am so glad (I'm sorry that we all have this) there are others that now I can talk to.

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sorry about that, hit the wrong button. Just getting used to being on a forum.

Thank you for the welcome. It is so great to find this.

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Welcome Tracy. Glad to know you've found some comfort in learning that you're definitely not alone.

BTW, I fixed the boo boo post for you :)


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Thank you very much for fixing my boo boo. Thank you for the warm welcome.

Reading these posts are just like looking at my own life. I am so glad I found this.

Thank you all. :)

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welcome tracy!

sorry you have reason to be here, but glad you found the forum. it has lots of good info & some pretty cool people to go along with it :)

it's definitely great to have people "get" what you're dealing with. i've decided the forum is perhaps a bit like a security blanket for me at times :)

i have Autonomic Neuropathy, OI/POTS, NCS & other misc. diagnoses that may or may not be related.

many here can relate to the long search for a diagnosis & the relief to actually have a name. glad to hear that you have a doc that seems to know a bit about things too (and thus helped you avoid the surgery pitfall.

again, welcome!


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