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Red bumps all over me...

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Um, any ideas on this one my friends?

I am, of course, way behind on posts, like over a week now and all ready to catch up and my body just won't give me a rest! It's always full of new tricks!

I have red bumps on my body. They are pretty big, look like chicken pox (which, yes, I already had growing up). They don't itch. They are more sore I guess and look kind of like a pimple maybe.

I started with a couple on my belly that would come and go over several weeks so I thought that they were just an irritation from some medical tape I was using.

Then, suddenly they are really multiplying.

Last night, I noticed more on my trunk area and buttocks...just a few but very noticeable.

Then, tonight, I have a few on my legs. So, they have spread.

I have started new meds lately, but this doesn't seem like a 'rash'. The one med I have gradually been titrating up is Doxepin and I don't know if it could be from this or not.

Does anyone know if this sounds like an allergic reaction or something totally unrelated? Like a separate problem from my already crazy dysautonomia mess? Ugh! I am sooooo a walking disaster area.

I have an appt. with my PCP on Thursday, I just hope they don't do anythign else to me before then...it makes me nervous that there is something systemic going on.

On a funny note...my mom is a bit unnerved by these bumps, so she says to me: "Call your dad and tell him he's on call tonight. If the phone rings in the middle of the night, it's you and it's his turn to take you to the ER! I'm staying in bed!" She made me laugh...it's all we can do these days with me. I was in the ER two weeks ago for another stupid GI attack and had to get IVs. Oh, morgan...er....audrey..., how I love my body!

Thank you for any light you can shed on this...I know this isn't perfectly 'Dysautonomia' but I am wondering if it sounds like a med reaction or something different, and I know we've had our share of med reactions on this board!


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Hi Emily,

Chrissy had something similar with a med called Keflex, it wasn't a rash, more like little bumps like you're explaining. She started out with them on the trunk of her body also, her chest, stomach and back, barely started on her legs and arms until it hit us that it could be the meds. I don't know anything about Doxepine, however, nothing would surprise me.


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Thank you Patti...I am allergic to Sulfa and Keflex also. That is why the bumps made me nervous. I am using some antibiotic drops on my TOES and neosporin on my TOES...but you never know! I guess I am just concerned about whether to wait this out if it is possibly an allergic reaction...b/c it can get bad fast, as I know from the Sulfa! Thank you for your quick response. As always, hello to Chrissy!


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Guest Julia59


I hope you find an answer----or the bumps go away. Better to have an answer---and for the bumps to go away.

I talked with my mom tonight, and she had the same kind of bumps just like you described.

She has been battling urinary tract problems. She had to go to ER last night because of severe pain---"down below" as my mother in law calls it....LOL

She also had severe pain in the lower abdomin.

She ended up dropping a clot and more blood. She will be having tests.

Meanwhile, I don't know if they have her on any meds for this yet, but she ended up with those bumps.

Hang in there Emily,

HUGS to you----try not to worry too much. Get them looked at if they get worse of course-------I'm glad your seeing your PCP Thursday.

Julie :0)

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Audrey here.... no clue Em. When I had my reaction to Boniva it was more bumpy than hivey, but it itched like crazy and there were zillions of them. As long as they don't itch, I guess I wouldn't worry about them too much. With our bodies it could be anything, but typically with any kind of skin reaction to a drug, it's itchy. I took doxepin a long time ago. It can have side effefts like any other drug, but if you are just titrating it, I wouldn't think that's it.

Hopefully it will be gone by the time you go, but if not have the doc take a look.

At least you know it's not cooties, cuz they itch like crazy.... :):)

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Dear Emily,

Those are some significant bumps and are signs that there is something wrong. Your doctor needs to know before your symptoms snowball.

A rash like that is not an autonomic-like reaction. If it looks like chicken pox, your doctor may consider shingles, a rebirth of the childhood illness that's been sleeping in your nerve all of these years. Usually, however, the bumps hurt terribly.

Hope you feel better. -Deb

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reading about your bumps, it might be some allergy? My youngest son (asthma and allergic) had this some months ago. Doc couldn't figure it out at first but thought of some allergic reaction later.

Hope it doesn't turn out to be something serious!

Warm wishes,


oh btw em, can I order a knitted scarf? Or are you out of knitting these day? We have 14 to 19Celsius in the Netherlands and rain, rain, rain!!!! I really think I could do with a nice warm scarf!!!

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okay, nina, that was soooooooooooooo funny! :)

i have my appt. with my PCP tomorrow and he isn't in the office today...it is always absolutely useless when i see someone else b/c they treat me like an idiot...so, i'm praying i make it till then with no more problems. i don't think they are any worse this morning...

thanks ya'll...


p.s. ummm...morgan...are we calling you maudrey now??? i actually like that combo! :)

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oh em!

i agree with nina and love her phrasology...

but believe it or not can add a "me too" as well...not in the moment but several months ago. i had these all-of-a sudden red bumps/blisters that were totally different than the allergic-type mini-hives i'd been getting since the fall. for me it was a several day thing that got worse then went away. they actually "popped" (ew, i know) before disappearing & i still have a few scars. when i went to my PCP she was fairly alarmed, did not go for the appointment i'd made with my derm for the next week & got me in to see a derm that afternoon. i had biopsies, etc. & nothing was found. at the time they actually were thinking dermatitis herpetiformis - a rash that can accompany celiac disease - because of all my GI issues & positive blood tests for celiac antibodies - but that was a no go. so...there never was an answer. mine itched a bit but not bad....more like they irritated. and i had a few that were accompanied by very swollen areas (several inches round) so it's not exactly the same, but i can still "feel your pain".

never a dull moment, eh?

so...i understand your waiting for your doc tomorrow, but if ANYTHING gets worse in terms of other symptoms you have to go now, k? b/c the allergy thing is not something to mess with. promise?

hang in there my spotted friend,


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p.s. this sounds goofy, but you may want to take a picture of the spots. that way if they're gone by the time you see the doc (we can hope!) you'll have something to show. granted not perhaps tomorrow, but at some point. i read this somewhere when i was dealing with an on & off rash earlier on & as silly as it sounds it sort of makes sense....

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Hi emily - I agree that your bumps should be looked at by a Dr. I wonder if a dermatologist would be a good place to start?

Have you changed your diet lately or eaten anything out of the ordinary?

Do you have any other symptoms with the rash such as fever or more fatigue etc....?

It could be a reaction to your new medication as well.

Years back when I was on tetracyclene for my Lyme Disease I broke out in these red bumps all over my body......

In the end it turned out to be a yeast infection on my skin.

My husband also had a similar problem last year after a motorcycle accident and developed a fungal infection on his skin.

I hope everything goes well at the Dr's tomorrow...! Please keep us posted. :)

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Have you changed clothes washing soap or are you wearing any new clothes. A few years ago I got a new sweater and did not wash it before I wore it the first time and got a rash on my arms. And then another time we tried a new clothes soap and I got a rash on my stomach etc. But if you have started new meds it might be that or shingles ( my dad had that and so did my mom, my dads hurt bad but my moms were just sore). Good you are going to see PCP tomorrow.

Thinking of you!

Stacey :-)

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Good luck with the Bumpies. My husband gets what your describing. some times they itch and sometimes not. He's not on any medication. I keep telling him to go to the doctor but he says he's too busy. Men amaze me on how things just don't let things bother them. Let us know what's going on so I can pass the info on to him.

My son experienced this from an antibiotic before so maybe it's the new med?

I hope you get to the bump of this soon.


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Hi emily..

I just wanted to say I too get little red bumps all over too, it happens often.. so we are wondering if there is something in my environment that i am developing an allergy to.

I keep benadryl and itchy cream on hand... and also get cotisone shots at the docs office..

last week.. i broke out in a bad rash.. possible med reaction...but i broke out the night before a bad potsy episode :) our bodies are just so sensitve..so i am not sure what its from...

But i agree that you should get it looked at... you never know... good luck... and if that doctor of yours thinks you are crazy.. give him a swift kick in the rear! LOL

Just kidding.. wouldnt we all like to do that from time to time!

good luck em


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Do we have a verdict on the bumps? :)

I hope the dr. was able to help you out, and give you some explanation!

I also wanted to say that if you took Melissas' (sunfish) advice and took pictures, could you please NOT send them into dinet photos?! :)

Thanks Em, thinking of you! Hoping it's nothing to worry about! :P


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hello all...

MISS BUMPY reporting here...:)...i know you're all waiting with baited breath for a report... :)

anyway, this thread has definitely kept me entertained! steph, i won't send a pic to DINET pics! that was too funny!

anyway...of course only one bump decided to be in full force flare mode today while i was there...

and i love my PCP...he is so funny...he says...hmmmm....

"those are very perplexing."

so, no verdict. we are watching them. he told me to come in if i got more and we could catch them in a 'flare'. maybe it will just be a fluke and they will go away. most have faded today, but they seem to cycle, so we will see...

he said he'd send me up to dermatology and stuff if need be. he's super careful with me and watchful, so i felt okay about it.

other possibilities are, of course, the topamax or the doxepin. i am gradually increasing my doxepin dose (by .1 ml at a time!) and will watch it as i increase that to see if the bumps become more persistant. i haven't changed detergents or anything like that. we are going to keep a close eye on the meds, but he didn't think it would result in an anaphylactic attack or anything like that!

maybe it will just be another weird fluke in this crazy world of ours! i hope so! i'll let you know if i ever figure it out!

for now, i'm currently MISS NOT QUITE AS BUMPY but certainly PERPLEXING! :P aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, i love being a medical marvel!

thanks for all of your help! he asked me if you all had any ideas what it could be! isn't he the best????

later alligators!


p.s. corina--if you are reading this...'sassy' means that i was being a smart mouth, 'smarty pants', that sort of thing...does that make sense? i'm horrible at this stuff! and, i'm running out of idioms!

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Dear Em, isn't it great how you bring out everyone's sense of humor? I love it.

Today I told one of my kids not to be a "sour puss". All three looked at me and laughed and asked what a sour puss was.... I thought of you and your idiom's.

You're never a sour puss even with your bumps!

Love Roselover

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