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Anyone awake? need medication advice

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Hoping someone is awake---I know most of you are in North America. I'm going to my family doc in about an hour, anyone have any experience with anti-nausea medicine, what's good, what's not worth the side effects? I'm having a horrible time holding down food for a couple of weeks already. Any non-medicine ideas? I'm trying to stay on minimum medication.



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I'm awake, as Europe is having a new day for some hours now!

Can't really help you I think. I use Pantozol for stomachproblems but I forgot where you live so I'm not sure that's available in your country. I hope your doctor will come up with something good!

Take care,


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I use Zofran (injectable) as an anti-emetic. I have to take it continuously to provide that benefit, but before it I had emesis episodes every day. I haven't noticed any side effects. I doesn't make me drowsy. I take 10 mg every 6 hours. Some say that 4 mg is the optimum dose. I think 24 mg is, but I'm only approved for 30mg/day. The insert says that some people have taken much larger doses without any ill effects and the leaflet reported only 1 heart block, but it was resolved. Probably the safest drug that I have seen, but everyone reacts to it differently maybe. Best of luck- that is no fun.

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I use Zofran at 4 mg but sometimes have to take an extra dosage when nausea is really bad.

Phenergan didn't work at all for me.

I think they gave me compazine once that caused me to have a horrible reaction. I thought that I was going to come out of my body. I suddenly wanted to leave the emergency room, I didn't know why. Even though they gave me benadryl for the reaction, I continued to have symptoms for nearly 18-24 hours.

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As far as I know, Reglan is used for stomach emptying. My internist and GI doctor were not fans of reglan. It can cause tremors.

Zofran 4mg orally has worked well for me when I have severe nausea. I take prilosec OTC every morning. That helps alot because it turns off the acid producing pumps in your stomach.

I know how awful nausea can be. Good luck.


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Reglan doesn't help me much, but everyone's different.

I do best on levsin (sublingual). Occasionally, I've taken tigan suppositories when it's been hard to keep food down. I used to take compazine, but had an allergic reaction to it.

Additionally, I've been on Nexium since it arrived in the US market, and before that, Prilosec, going back to the late 1980's. I have terrible reflux with contributes to the nausea. I have periods of time when my gut is very slow. I use glycolax, which promotes peristalsis (gi contractions that move material along).

As always, this is what helps me, and it may not help you. It's good to work with your doctor to find the right treatment--and sometimes that may not include a prescription. All depends on why you're experiencing the nausea. If the problems persist, you might want to see a gastro doctor who specializes in this stuff.

Hope your queasiness is gone.

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Sorry so late on the post. I know how debilitating nausea can be. When I first got sick I had it constant for about 7months. Now I only experience it a few times a month. Phenergan 1/2 dose works good for me. It doesn't make me tired. If I take a whole pill I get sleepy. I have also tried Zofran but I'm fighting with my G.I. to prescribe it. I know it's expensive but why should he care?

I also had reglan and couldn't tolerate the side effects. I had jitters, anxiety and extreme depression. also my stomach hurt from it. I have slow gastric emptying (gastroparesis) and it's suppose to help move the stomach along. Good luck, there are alot of people who do fine on it.

I hope you find something that works


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