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You will not believe this

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:rolleyes: Ok, so I go to my doctor's appt, all upset, because I assume the ER director has spoken to him and what is he going to think, right? I am also very very dehydrated from the steroids causing me to pee gallons and diarrhea from the stupid pill I reacted to, plus can't eat because my stomach is so upset from steroid use.

He comes in, I have told nurse what happened, I burst into tears and he says what's going on? I said said what did the ER director say to you about what happened Saturday? He says, I haven't talked to her. I heard you were in for a reaction to boniva, but that's all. I don't have a report yet. SO they get him a report. I tell him everything that happened, he looks at report and says WHAT!!! I read report, this is what it says:

EMERGENCY ROOM COURSE: Benadryl 50 milligrams IV and Pepcid 20 milligrams IV was administered. Rash faded some. Decreased itchiness. The patient felt improved and ready to go home. Then, she got a little anxious and 1 milligram of Ativan IV was administered. The patient felt improved and was ready to go home. Rash had faded minimally.

That is the entire recorded events of what happened to me after I received the drugs. I read the report and told him they had mixed me up with someone else having an allergic reaction. THAT WAS IT. There is apparently NO documentation of what happened to me in that ER I can not even believe this. They are so in trouble, I will do whatever I have to, to get these people fired and lose their licenses. This is what is called doctored charting. It will not be tolerated, by me or by my doctor.

He was wonderful, as usual. He gave me a kenalog shot and an IV and is probably going to set me up for weekly IV's. He felt terrible he had given me the drug, although he had no way of knowing what was going to happen. He agreed I do not have panic attacks, or any type of severe anxiety disorder and says he has a few people to speak to. ASAP. There is no way now to find out if I had a TIA or what, but it is very worrisome to him that this huge cya thing occured. I am in total shock, as is my hubs who was there for the whole thing. I am so upset, I have to collapse, but I had to tell you this. ALWAYS get your records!!!! morgan

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Okay, I'll break my silence only to say:

THat is so *&^%**& UNBELIEVABLE...I hope that heads will roll. I'll help you with the guillotine.


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My gosh! Completely horrifying, how on earth could they not document what went on?!?!??? Really grossed out by that report. Somebody said to me about bad doctors..."That's why they call it "practicing" medicine.

I'd call a lawyer. The people in that ER do not sound as if they should be in an ER or dealing with people, especially when they are ill.

How do you go about get a complete copy of your medical records if they are for you personally and not to be sent off to another doctor? I want to get mine and am unclear on the process.

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Believe me, I know how you feel! I had a neurologist in Scotland tell me I suffered from severe anxiety disorder just before I got my real diagnosis of POTS_-he made me feel like a circus animal- asked me to stand up and faint in front of him so he could film me with his camcorder! :(:angry:

The letter sent to my GP sa a report was a disagrace- I have my own copy and i'm just waiting til I'm storng enough so I can sue this B**TARD's ***! :rolleyes:

He says all sorts of things- she "thinks" she has raynauds but all she's describing are her hands going cold in cold weather. uh.....no!!!!

I thiunk this guy was a bit retarded personally--whenh he came in to see me, we had a ten minute conversation about left handedness cos he was left handed, like me. What's the FIRST thing he says in his letter? "THis RIGHT HANDED lady....." LIKE, HELLO?!?!?!

I had been confined to bed in a cardiac care unit, and this neurologist came along and went "nope, she's nuts, sen dher home" and that was it- they threw my stuff in black bags and I was made to sit and wait for my parents to fetch me. Can you imagine what that did to me, to them? This guy made my own parents doubt me--made them think perhaps all this was self inflicted! I mean who the **** would choose to be like this?!?!?! -_-

He said that I hyperventilate myself into dizziness, again he was talking crap because half the time when it happens, I'm not breathing ATALL! <_<

So Morgan, I empathise completely. It's 6 months since I received this shocking treatment, and it still really upsets me. Somedays I can't do anything but cry about it--but I'm about to get even. I'm just waiting. Now my degree's out the way, things will get easier.

My initial reaction was to go to the papers, but I don't know if all the stress of having people know this business will help. I just want this "doctor" to PAY.

God, reading back over what I've just written, I sound like a right psycho! I'm not, honest! (well, only if someone tells me Colin Firth isn't beautiful :( )

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Wow, Morgan. I know this will be taxing on you, but I would definately go after them on this, especially with the help of your dr.. Legally they are in BIG trouble for fudging notes. I was in the medical field (med biller for a practice) for 12 years,,I know the risk they take by omitting or changing info. Request a full, detailed copy of your hospital chart. Hopefully someone in your area can recommend an attorney who deals in medical malpractice/legal cases.

Glad you have a caring primary dr., thank goodness for that. Hope you are feeling better!

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Guest Julia59


Maybe you can ask those docs if they want to make a movie:

"Dumb and Dumber".

I don't know how they get their degrees in medicine----they must have faked their way through.

How can they be so stupid to think they can get away with this?

Dag nab it !---these guys/gals need to get it together before more people get hurt.

All I can think about is when Conan O'Brian had this skit in his show about really stupid events----and the words "What in the World" were shouted.

You go get them----and rake them through the coals---HOT COALS.

I'll be praying for you.

Julie :0)

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My heart goes out to you dear morgan. What happened to you certainly is not uncommon.

In the last couple of years I was handed an EKG that reported I had a heart attack. Turns out the EKG they put in my file belonged to a "74 year old African-American female".

I also had a neuro test that was misread and I was told I had a major brainstem lesion that would mean I would eventually wind up blind and on a respirator. I had to have the test repeated and it was one of those fun "shock" tests.

Give 'em **** kiddo! We love ya and just want you to feel better.


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I am so sorry for your experience. I know what you are saying. Ihave had MANY of similar experiences-not only as a pt but as a nurse as well. Doctors only hear what they want, they chart what they want, and they cover their ***. I hate to say it, but it is true. I could just about guarantee that probably 85-95% of all charts and records have some "error" or discrepency in them. I say go for it and stand up for everyone who has this problem-which is basically the entire population of people.

On the other hand, I do have to say that there are a select group of doctors who do their charting accurately and thoroughly-I have worked with those folks as well, and right now I have a few dr's that are in that category!!Now that's luck!

WIshing you luck and keep us posted on what you get done,


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Hi Morgan,

Sorry that happened to you. Im an ER nurse and I say go get them. A word of advice from the inside. Go to the medical records department of the hospital. Ask to see your whole chart including the flow sheet, doctors notes, nurses notes and test/procedures/med lists from that particular visit. Get copies of everything including your itemized bill. Dont take no for an answer, dont tell them you coming, go in and nicely request copies. Get the names of the docotors and nurses that took care of you. Go now get the records. Even if you have to get administration you tell them you have a legal right to your records and you want them now, dont let them give you any crap about policy. Your right to see your records is immediate.

Dont mention suing them right yet.

Dont get a lawyer you can quickly and easily get a big fat check with out a lawyer who will wind up with more of your settlement than you will.

I do legal nurse consulting too.

Go get your records and we will talk more privately.


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Thanks everyone, I am still pretty much reeling from this. I have not heard from the head of ER. I will go get my records ASAp, although I believe they have been doctored. No pun intened. My doctor is looking into this also. Thanks for your advice Janine. I'll let you know when I have them. thanks again everybody, morgan

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Guest tearose

You go girl! Let them know in your special way that there is no excuse for this! You get those records, ALL of them, form your plan and go make them understand!!! Make them see what they did was extremely wrong!

take care, tearose

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I got my records today, all of them. They didn't even charge me. hmmm have always had to pay before. The nurse mentions I was acting oddly and the doctor evaluated me. I was acting oddly, indicating I couldn't speak. No mention of anything else. However I was there by their timeline almost 4 hours. Kind of a long time for a little anxiety, wouldn't you say.? Jump on in Janine....morgan

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