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A victory...


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I'm in training to further my abilities as a battered women's counselor/advocate. I had wanted to take these classes for some time, but the first 3 sessions involved sitting for a total of 20 hours. You all know what pooling circulation can do to POTS symptoms, so I hedged. But I wanted this so BAD.

I decided finally that I had to try. Today was the last of the "marathon" sessions - the rest of them are in 3-hour increments, and I can do those. So, it looks like I'll be getting that certification I've wanted so badly after all, sometime around the second week of March.

I wanted to tell you all about it, because you guys are really an inspiration to me - the way you keep living your lives, and the unbeatable spirit of the members on this board. IOW, I honestly don't think I would have tried this without knowing you people. I wanted to thank you all for your honesty and openness, and the hope and support you offer.

I had some pretty bad moments physically, but got through it. And you know, if I can do this, then college will be even easier...


Thanks, all.


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Well done. There is no better feeling in the world then helping someone else. I am sure you are going to make a wonderful contribution to many women’s lives. Good luck and I hope you find the inspiration and strength to help all those women who desperately need your guidance. :D

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Guest tearose

This is such good news JB!

Thank you for telling us about this because it reminds us how to try and take a calculated "risk" sometimes! You just keep being careful and then yes, college too is in reach!

Your work sounds very rewarding. Good luck to you.

best regards, tearose

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