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Cholesterol too low?


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Everyone knows the risks of having too high of a cholesterol reading, but I was recently reading about the risks of having too little cholesterol (which has been linked to a higher incidence of cancer of the stomach, colon, liver and espophogus, as well as anxiety depression and hemmoraghic strokes!). Oh, my! :P

I was just wondering if anyone on the forum has very low cholesterol readings..i.e., less than 150 total? My HDL is 67 and my LDL is 30. My HDL reading is very good, but I'm concerned about how low the LDL is. I've had very low cholesterol for several years and I'm wondering whether I should have this investigated further, or if it's just part of the weird and wacky way my body functions. :P

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Hmm... never heard about that before, but it's interesting. LMK if you find any more info.

As for me, I've got huge cholesterol readings--my ratio is really great, but my total reading is always well over 300.


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Guest tearose

Good question...

I wonder if there is some sort of pattern with any of us.

I'm looking forward to seeing the answers.

My levels are usually HDL 96 LDL 91

This makes my ratio 1:1 which is good.


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I know that before POTS my cholesterol was usually in the 170s or 180s. When I got pregnant it shot up to 308, which is pretty high for a pregnant woman. Then I got POTS shortly thereafter, and it dropped to the 170s about two months postpartum, then I got it checked again for a health insurance exam and it was 153, which is the lowest I ever remember it being. I think my LDL most recently was 80 or so. My HDL used to be high 70s and is now 63 or so.

Don't know if that helps you. I guess I had never heard of any risks from having low cholesterol. Maybe it isn't necessarily the low cholesterol that hurts you, but that maybe if your body can't make cholesterol properly, that that's a sign that some other parts are not working right. Just an idea.


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Guest Julia59

My cholesterol total is 196---but I don't think the ratio is very good----LDL is 130 and HDL is 35 and Triglicerides are 260. My doc isn't worried---but I am.

My diet is very, very low in fat. I watch hydrogenated oils---never eat anything with it, and only eat the healthy oils----safflower, olive oil---ect. My only fat content comes from sugar which i'm trying to cut back. I still don't eat as much sugar as the average person on an average diet.

It's in my family. I could eat pocket lint and probably have the same problems.

I take a baby aspirin every day, folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, and drink tons of orange juice.

I annoy my family as I am always preaching about all the bad stuff in foods.

I went over to my parents, and they have a lot of junk food. That is that place where I DON'T eat right---LOL. How can you let M & Ms stare you in the face and not eat them---LOL? My mother is overweight, a diabetic with coronary disease and stints in one of her arteries. She keeps ticking with elevated glucose levels in the 200 to 300 hundreds every day. I told her the other day she's like and old classic car that keeps putting in bad gas-----and still keeps running. If she doesn't do something---she's going to crash. My dad also has elevated cholesterol readings---but no coronary artery disease----he exercises and moves a lot. He also watches his diet.

My husband is the one with lower cholesterol. 70 LDL----45 HDL. He eats whatever he wants-----Burger Man----Brownie Man----Makes me mad Man---LOL.

Julie :0)

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Amy, I tend to agree with you that "that that's a sign that some other parts are not working right." I think I will bring this up to the endocrinologist when I see him.

Julie, you made me laugh so hard when you said you "could eat pocket lint and probably have the same problems"! :D Yes, I would try to do anything you can to get your HDL up. 35 is too low. I can't believe your husband eat's whatever he wants and it's low too.

I had to write a short research paper on cholesterol for one of my nutrition classes, but it really only focused on ways to reduce cholesterol and the risks associated with high cholesterol. One of the things my research mentioned was that polyunsaturated oils (omega 6 and omega 3s) can lower total cholesterol, but also lower HDL (the good cholesterol). Monounsaturated oils (olive, canola, fish and poultry) can lower cholesterol without lowering HDL. Also, refined starches and sugars can lower HDL. HDL should be at least 50, while 70-80 is even better.

I eat all healthy fats for the most part (oilive oil, some polyunsaturated oils - mostly in nuts and seeds, etc). (I do have lean meat, cheese and butter occasionally too). I'm just wondering if I ate cheesburgers and french fries everyday if it would raise my cholesterol at all? (I dont' think I could actually bring myself to do that though! :P

Only 20-25% of cholesterol comes from the food we eat...the rest is made by our liver. So that leads me to believe that if someone has chronically low or chronically high cholesterol in spite of what they eat, that there are other factors going on, either genetic or something else.

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Hi guys! My sister-in-law had very high cholesterol and was only 29yrs old. They tried diet for a while and then were going to put her on medication when that wasn't working. She had no family history of high cholesterol, so was very concerned about why this was happening. She always has eaten very healthy, and works for a natural/organic food organization so has been very conscientious with her diet. She decided to get a second opinion, and they found out that she had hypothyroidism and that had a direct effect on her cholesterol levels. Once the meds regulated her thyroid levels properly, the cholesterol dropped to normal.

I was told that I had very low cholesterol readings (I can't remember the numbers) but because my menstrual cycle wasn't affected, they weren't concerned. I don't know really how that relates, but they weren't too worried about it so I guess it's OK! Laura!

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Gena & anyone else interested,

I am bringing this old topic back up due to the fact that I just got my annual cholesterol screening for my health insurance and my total cholesterol is 130. Last year it was 153, the year before that 308 (due to pregnancy). But I am starting to get a little concerned about how low it's getting. My LDL was 56, and HDL was 62.

Anyone learn any more about this since this post was visited last time? I'm wondering if I need to be doing something about this.


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