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Emily's up and around!


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Hi -- I've been checking my email every five minutes, so this news just in:

Merrill and DINET Friends everywhere!!

Everything went great...I just popped home for a bit to answer calls and emails...Emily's dad is staying for a couple of hours.

The doctors and nurses and everyone were on their toes and gave Emily all the care she needed and she did very well...

She has the usual discomfort from that kind of surgery, but she just walked the hallway and did well...

She was eating a popsicle when I left!!

Emily and I appreciate all the thots and prayers, the picture of Sting, the Kermit song, the meditation CD and so much more that you sent our way...We were calm before the surgery and relieved when it was over. Now we need to decide who the winner of the contest to get the gall bladder is...

All our love and thanx to you!

Renee and Emily

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HI Emily,

I didn't get to post any well wishes prior to your surgery, but I just wanted you to know I kept you in my prayers. I sending healing energy and happy thoughts your way. We'll be glad to see you posting on the board again real soon. Rest easy and heal quickly!

Here's a funny little healing poem I found on the net....just wanted to send it your way... :blink:

It was back in the days

When the world was brand new,

That Adam and Eve

Their first gall bladders grew,

For they lived in Eden,

And spent the whole day

Cavorting in naked,

But innocent, play.

God gave them the things

That they needed to live

And said, "There is one thing

I just won?t forgive."

"You can eat your fill

Of the earth?s finest things ?

Eat all the shrimp cocktail

And buffalo wings."

"Eat all the French fries,

The doughnuts, the scrapple.

But you must stay away

From the juicy red apple!"

"No problem, man!"

Replied Adam with glee.

"The apple, it holds

No attraction for me."

But a snake cornered Eve,

And it hissed, "Apple?s yummy.

A nice juicy fruit

That feels great in the tummy!"

Eve grabbed for the fruit.

In her hand she did take it.

She bit off a bite,

Then yelled, "Adam! You?re naked!"

"Try it," said Eve, "and

I?ll look naked, too!"

And so then, to Adam

The apple she threw.

God just had walked in

When he took a big bite.

"NO" thundered God,

Causing Adam a fright.

"Now I am mad.

You?ve done yourself in

With this, the most stupid

Original sin."

"And how shall I punish?

Well, if you must know,

You now an absurd

Little organ will grow."

"An organ quite nasty

That?s loaded with bile.

It will serve no real purpose,

Except to cause trial."

"Yes, that will I do,

And that will end the matter."

So Adam and Eve,

They each grew a gall bladder.

And I do regret

That we still have to pay

For this stupid sin

Until this very day.

But the worst is now over,

Recovery awaits,

And soon I just know you

Are going to feel great!

?2001, Deborah Taylor, David Willis

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Yea Emily!!!

Now all of us with that worry gene can relax! Thanks for posting the update!

Hope the recovery is short and you are better soon!

Can't wait until we have you back here, we will miss you!

Sending you love and happy thoughts! :D:):P:D:blink::):D:)

Stacey :-)

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Guest Julia59


I'm glad it's over for you------ :o Hang in there, each day will get better for you.

I'm also glad you had a good surgical team that took your concerns seriously----as this IS serious stuff.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Julie :0)

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Guest Mary from OH

Oh Emily!! I'm so happy for you!! I've been so worried!! I didn't think to look for a new post!! Silly me!! So, I've been sitting here worrying about you since your surgery!! What a goofball!! ;)

Glad to hear you are not grren anymore. You'll be back to your normal eating self again!! I'm sure you're ready for that!!

So happy for you!! Have a speedy recovery!!

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