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Dark Rings Around Eyes


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Yes! They're horrible. If I have to choose one make-up item to use, it would always be concealer for my undereyes. The rings do make me look sick. Allergies don't help.

If anyone has a solution, I'm ready to hear it!



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Yeah, I have those too. Plus, some of the veins around my eyes became pretty prominent, as well. For me, the rings don't seem to be related to reading and computer use; however, I have worse visual distortions after those activities and my eyes become very fatigued very quickly. My eyes start to hurt, presumably from strain, and I get dizzy, so I just close them for a while. I don't know what would cause the rings under your eyes after reading/using the computer, but a guess is that it could very well be a manifestation of fatigue.

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I have more of a 'tanned' color below my eyes, almost a deeper pigmentation. I also have this on my elbows, knees,etc. So not sure if this is what you are referring to, but I've had that since I got POTS, so guessing it must have something to do with this.

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