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  1. I agree Whit the ladys above about not feeling to bad. I think also that some children are overstressed and overstimulated today. Does he have any friends living close? I have a 11/2 year old. So friends are not an issue yet. But i hope the school stay where it is, walking distanse, and also a huge succer feild in walking distanse. I dont drive, so i hope we can have lots of activitis for him close by. But ofcourse parenting and cronic illnes is a challenge. But Whit love and creativity one comes very fare:)
  2. This Made my evning:) and evning of spinning, to bad its only in my head.
  3. I cant use chemicals either. And maby thats not bad thing, since They are bad for u anyway. I use vinegar, and that strong smell dont botter me. I also use pine sol ( i think thats corect translation) . Prefume has always been a no no for me. Even as a child. I am sort pf dreading a dinner to morrow. My sisterinlaw smokes and used strong prefume, it makes my symtoms flare. But she seems like a very nice lady. I ust whish i could handle here smells better. I havent tryed it my self yet, but left over coke in the toilet supposeldy a nice cleaner. Finding skin and hair produkts are next to impossible for me. Bit i keep Trying
  4. Lindsay have u forund some ways to meet People ? Or gett the feeling of a sort of sosial life? I do hope so. And of not, well Internett migth not be face to face interaction, but it migth ease the lonlyness a lilte. Ukwildcat i am so sorry u are in This situation Whit Your neigbour. That must be hard. I dont think i will be close friends Whit the next door lady, more friendly. Lynnie22 where u Abel to visit Your aunt? I hope so:)
  5. Hi puppylove Its hard when u feel Your life pasning by. Its lonly. One advice is to make Your bestfriend Your self. Ust like on try to make a friend Happy u say, well can i do to make me Happy to day ( Whit the limits the illneses give, being one own best friend have the advanteges of fullt understanding ) . I tryed to invite People for Movies, when They didnt have the time, well i invited myself:) and i got the best Seat in the house Do u use a wheelchair when out ? I do hope u gett to spent time Whit Your friends over spring break.
  6. Hi I had This done a few years back. I was in a really bad pots place at the time. I got electrolyt drinking stuff and two difrent cleaning the system stuff. That was the worst for me. I was alone doing the prep. And i really really wished i was not. It was not fun. And also i fearednthat i wouldnt clean out prob and ending up getting it canselled ( almost did). But i got trou it. And luckly had someone bring me to the hospital and back home. I did it Whit out any drugs what so ever. Didnt whant any bad reactions. And the nurses preping me was well not helpfull or very nice at all. She places my wheelchair out of reach and said so why dont u work etc etc. A charming creatur. But the doc was nice , stressede out and Whit lilte time. But he very profesional during the col it self. It was a bitt painfull, like bad gass. But i preferd it to a reaction to meds. But it seems from the other postings here that most People is well monitored and loked after during it all. So all togetter the worst was the fasting and cleaning of systemthe day before. But i do think th electrolite drink ( tasted awfull, like the other stuff) helped me getting trou. I Made up the fluids i had to drink, stayed in bed ( or restroom) for the prep period. Best of luck
  7. Treated bad.. Hmmm maby my post can bring some comic relieff:)
  8. To me it seems like most docs stare blindly at the bloodresults and if it in what They considerd normal range, well Then u are heatly. It sceary me that a well aducated woman like u still gett treated badet at the doc. I dont know where to start. I dont know why i have pots. I have had cyst in my neck ( around th tyroid) drained for fluids. At the time i lost weight for no reson and some others stuff. But since my Labs where ok well.... Most of what u Write here is greek for me. But it Sounds like u all are whery educated on This stuff and Your own health. Very good for u, and maby it scears the docs.
  9. But not totaly impossible. I have ust started to gett to know the next door lady. Of we will be come friend time will tell. She has been ill and off work for some mnths. So she has been over for te a couple of times. Living Whit cronic illnes her self make here understand my situation better. But Yes in general its a lonly illnes, that makes sosial life hard.
  10. It seems to be a very common pots thing, ust not somthing agnowlege by the docs. It was somthing i experiensed very early on. Not everyday but at times. As i got older it got stronger. At times a bigg reson for using wheelchair. Now its better, but still present. I can feel strong and Then jelly Nelly legs. Or They ust feel like not conected properly. Like i can walk normalt, and Then not at all.
  11. I guess it somthing very nice about livin in a country where we dont really have any poisenus bugs:) we maby have bad weather and long dark winter, but no scorpions or snakes ( well one type, but a Kind on). My man migth be Abel to work in Australia for a year. But he doesnt like the idea of the lilte one and me in a country full off dangerous bugs an snakes. But i guess if u have grown up Whit it u better know How to take care. I hope the effects of the scorpions bite dont last. I have been camping in tent, for weeks in USA. In Arizona , Texas etc, I was living in naive bliss i realise;) i did have a close encounter Whit a coyte in grand canoyn. Feel better Soon:)
  12. Ust thinking what pediatric pots patient, many of Them ( i migth be one of Them) continu on to become adult pots folks. I was told i would out grow it. So fare it seems i will only out die it. But pregnancy did help me. And my cardio ( not a pots doc) says i migth grow out of it durin menopause. It seems to me They Need to research on pots , both the one stricking younger and older folks. What i have read is older People getting it after surgery and illnes have a good prognosis. But Then again are there really any statistisk on This? It seems to me like docs stick a finger in the air and guesses. Naomispellman ust woundering do u think its a conection between Your bipolar and pots or not? Hope u dont mind me asking?
  13. I do understand. And also well i sort of smell metal at times, its Weird i know. Can really explain it, ist ust a sort of cold smell. Had it on and off for years. Rigth know i whant icecream and chocolat tanx to issie.
  14. I am so sorry that Your wife didnt belive u. Divores are hard. Maby a good thing my partner never really knew me when i was healthy
  15. jupp that it would. I still have contact Whit some of my friends. But i dont think i am close to any one really. First it was They was bissy partying etc, Then Whit children. I have my man, but he has most of the time been gone a lot. Now we have a lilte boy:) When i think of the lonly years behaind me it hurts a lilte. I am generaly lot better now ( but still very potsy and all the rest). So if it keeps i migth be Abel to try building a sosial life later. One thing is that i dont drive a car. More important is that its hard to gett to know People where i live. Espesally when grown up. But rigth now i dont have the time, Energy or health to spare. But my man and i try to invite People for meals etc etc. But it takes a lot out of both of us. And Yes , its not the number of friend that count, but the quality:) so i selfishly hope to one day have a few close friends that can ust come and hang on the sofa. Ust one or two would do nicly But i am lucky to have my man, and maby now he is working closer to home i will gett to know him better..... Lol.. Its no fun being lonly, not at all. But it migth be a very small comfort to know u are not alone.
  16. Hi It Sounds like a super doc. Can i Ask what it cost Whit out insuranse? I am tiered of not getting any help here. So my Dream is too go to us and maby gett to see a doc like This. I cant travel by plane, so i would have to go Whit boat. My man migth be Abel to work in Canada or Houston a year. But that migth be very stressfull for me, notdriving a car etc. Problem is my journals would be inn Norwegian. But i did gett my diagnose in USA. But sadly dont have the papers from that. Also i think the weather where one are influenses dys and the likes. I love to travel, but does very poorly doing so. But if i stay a place Whit better weather than home, i feel better:)
  17. Hi Rama i tryed to read the articel. But must admitt i didnt understand much of it. But am i rigth to think They try to explain the high tendensy of women yo have oi Whit the hormones we are getting in difrent levels during the mc ?
  18. When i had my infertillety testing i know i was low in some stuff. But not sure what. I had my adsterol and renin levels taken two years ago. They where both very low. The doctors had no explanations for it. I am very sure that hormones have a bigg part of my problems. Cos my pots symtoms, and a lot of the others goes Whit the sycle.
  19. Do u gett it at a health food store or? Problem for me is i never remeber when out that i Need to try somthing for my fog. Thoug. I am verygreatfull for for less fog after getting my litle boy:) Whats tumeric?
  20. Hi. Its migth sound like well i dont know the english Word for it. But i have it many in my arm and feet. Bit at times all over the body.There are meds that can help. Have u a doktor u can Ask for help or gett to Write a presciption? For me i cant take the meds, but it got better during the pregnancy. Best of luck:)
  21. Burts bees is a very good one. But i cant find it here:(
  22. Jupp. I have had This, well for ever. So i am aditcted to my chap stick. I have difrent types, and try to use the once that are prefume and fragrence free. If i find Whit beewax i buy Them. Also so very fat facecreams can be good. I tryed to stop using Them cos i read using Them worsen the problem. That was a mistake. Then it ust got very much worse. But i try to use the facecream when home and not chap sticks. And not use all the time. And in the summer the once Whit sunscreen is importan to find:)
  23. hi I only have one child so only one birth. I ended up whit a c-section. I was given the choise of waiting or c-section, but they refused to induse me (what i whanted). At that time my fainiting was getting on, and i was told they would do a c-section if i fainted durin birth. In general i think natural birth is to preffer. After my c-section i could not stand for about 14 day. Ofcourse this migth have happend after natural birth to so hard to say. But my paralized bowels would not. When it comes to births its a guessing game whats rigth. But many think c-section is the easy way out, its not! Even if u take the pain out of the question. Best of luck =)
  24. Living Whit cronic illnes has a mulittud of challengeses. From dealing Whit the stuff health wise, too How it criples on life unoter ways. Its not fun, but it is what it is. And living Whit This for soooo many years now, well Its Made me into the person i am to day. For me it has been importen to enoy the things i have been Abel to at the time. Like a good movie or tv show. But also to grive When needed, gett the frustraition out. Try to se the positive Whit out totaly ignoring the bad. Rigth now i am gratefull for the first improvment for years. Although Its still fare alway from heatly. And all my Energy is spent on my 11mth old boy. I never thought i would be a mum:)
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