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    I spend my bad potsie days reading and movie watching and sleeping. I used to spend my good days going to the beach or kayaking. But not so much now.

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  1. Tricks, I have just one.... I lay on my right side so I can not feel my heart pounding against my mattress and use a huge body pillow that goes between my knees and arms,somehow it helps my hips and pooling blood and keeps my arms at the right height and it is good for snuggling too....
  2. Are there any potsie's in Panama City Beach FL.

  3. Trying to find potsie people in PCB, who understand....

  4. I have important people in need and I want to help but I can not even help myself.

  5. I think it has to do with our age and metabolism, in my 20's I was 98 pds, and in my 30's, I was about 108, now in my 40's and unable to be as physical because of my POTS. Oh, it's scary now, I'm about 134 pounds. I'm only 5'3" so that still puts me in the healthy range as far as the doctor is concerned. BUT..... I see me without clothes and 134 for me is over weight. But I cant work out now. So what do you all do when your trying to lose some weight? Help me!!!!!!
  6. You know you have pots when your doctor gives you his own cell phone number to call or text when things are bad'.
  7. i wish you all a better potsie day

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