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  1. Glad to hear you weren't so easily deterred by your symptoms and still found the strength to work through it. Routine is the keyword here and that is the source of the treatment, and sticking to the excercise routine is very important. About 5 years ago I actually made a topic on the benefits of excercise on POTS, it was a theory I discovered from personal experience. I was going to bump that topic to show everyone that I had also made the same mutual discovery on excercise and POTS but none of my past topics from 5 years ago seem to be avaliable on these forums, did they clear our past posts?
  2. I can relate to your reply, its exactly my main problem too. Have you tried a cooling vest ? I usually wear one in summer and also carry around a mini hand held fan and a pump spray water bottle, its helps a lot. What you do is spray yourself with water and then use the fan to cool off the water, its awesome and so refreshing, even my friends steal it off me to have a go and they dont even have Dysautonomia.
  3. The patient Liasion arranged me to see the hospital ER manager. Which was great but it would have been better if they also allowed the offending doctor to be present during the interview I had with the department manager so that I could see for myself that he had learnt his lesson.
  4. Yea definetly! Sometimes I wonder if there really are so many people in the world suffering from anxiety that the doctors are so quick to label us with that diagnosis. I also don't understand why is it that when you tell a doctor that you don't suffer from anxiety they don't believe you. Do they really think they know our feelings better than us? I mean come on it doesn't take a masters degree to know what anxiety feels like, we are not stupid or in denial that we can't even realize the existence or absence of anxiety. I know what anxiety feels like because the doctors have made me experience
  5. My choice wasn't listed so I chose "other" I would get rid of my most bothersome symptom which is either: 1-the drug intolerance and adverse reactions to medications or 2- the overheating, heat intolerance and temperature problems
  6. Hi Lotusflower, I knew you were Aussie soon as you said "Medical Practioners Board" . I actually live in Victoria too in the South Eastern Suburbs. From the two doctors that are abusive towards me I reported one of them to the Medical Practioners Board but later it was decided another agency named AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) was better suited to deal with him and the matter is still being investigated since December 2010. I reported the other doctor to the Patient Laison after he refused me medical treatment and rudely told me to leave and and then quickly labelled
  7. Thank you for your reply. My doctor actually wrote a statement specifically adressing the doctor who mistreated me and in the letter it explained that I have Dysautonomia and I am hypersenitive to medications and that I do not suffer from anxiety and it finished off saying " "he is not a drug dependant person"... Yet when the time came and I tried to show the letter to the doctor who was harassing me he refused to read it or even look at it. It was ironic considering that the letter was specifically written to him to prevent further abuse yet the letter failed to serve its purpose because the
  8. Two of the ER doctors at my hospital have targeted me and have have caused me so much distress and anxiety because my ER attendance accumulated over the years resulting 88 ER visits in 9 years. So now two of the doctors there now have a problem with me and they have labled me with anxiety. Majority of the ER treatment was due to Dysautonomia related complications and have no reason for me to be dismissed as anxiety. Most of my attendances have been for Gatroparesis resulting in vomiting, fever and nausea. Other ER trips were due to Gastrointestinal issues causing severe pain, two cases of kidn
  9. I am having the exact same problem right now. The hospital is harassing me and my family doctor by insisting I have anxiety because I have been to the hospital one time to many for Dysautonomia related complications such as developing digestive problems, gastroparesis, medication reactions etc. Two of the doctors there are evil and corrupt and they refused to treat me and told me to go home within seconds of seeng me but then they sent my doctor a "discharge summary report" telling him I suffer from anxiety. I have letters from my neurologist, cardiologists, Autonomic specialists and psycholog
  10. Thank you both . I can't really take too much credit because when you dont have many options you just have to put up with the discomfort of what life throws at you. My follow up consultation for results is in 5 weeks.
  11. My Gastroparesis (inability for the stomach to empty its contents) has been getting worse lately causing severe nausea and I am finding that foods I ate 2 days ago are reappearing and still undigested when I vomit. I consulted a Gastroenterologist who arranged for an endescopy. I had to explain to him about my Dysautonomia and how exteremely sensitive I am towards all substances that act on my Autonomic Nervous System and that I would not be able to have anesthesia as I can't even tolerate my opiate pain medication without ending up in the ER with severe adverse effects and distruptions to my
  12. I know exactly how you feel. I went through the exact same stage. Mine was triggered when my POTS got worse and I was having all these abnormal bizzare symptoms unlike anything documented in POTS. I was developing hyperthermia suddenly during the day and my heart would become irregular and I haveing episodes of SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia) severe nauseau and it would randomly hit me at anytime. I was finding myself suddenly having these severe symptoms whilst driving my car and I would have to pull off to the side of the road and just wait there for it to settle so I could recover eneoug
  13. My Dysautonomia is so excessively random that there is no way for me to answer this question. Sometimes I have 7 bad days in a week, other times I have 7 good days and anything in between.
  14. Great post. Unfortunately one thing I have learnt over the years is when you have specific symptoms that are unique and personal to your Dysautonomia then no doctor wants to bother investigating further. I've written to so many specialists and research scientist when I first developed POTS and I was overheating with severe fevers everyday and experiencing very odd symptoms like spasms and hyperthermia from sexual arousal and a whole list of other weird symptoms but none of the doctors were interested in investigating further to figure out why my body was reacting in such an unusual way. I thou
  15. I diagnosed myself using the internet when those poor excuse for doctors brushed me off as anxiety. I knew my body and symptoms well enough to know it wasn't anxiety so I went online to google search engine and typed in the words "heart racing when standing up" and one of the results during the search was about POTS. So I then searched for a neurologist in my area who was also specialising in Autonomic Disorders and I took my self-diagnosis to him asking him to do a table tilt test for me. He then confirmed I was correct.
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