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  1. Hello @Pupmum25I have a similar thing. "However, recently I’ve started to have this really uncomfortable feeling after eating; the best way I can describe it is being extremely “wired”, antsy, hyper or restless; almost like the feeling I get with adrenaline rushes sometimes when I’m standing / walking, but it lingers instead of being a quick spike. It makes me feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling and obviously unsettling." I have no POTS or hyper POTS, but exocrine pancreas insufficiency of unknown kind. I get postprandial symptoms that make me
  2. Hey! I have done some catecholamines testing and my adrenaline and noradrenaline are below range, but what is puzzling me is the high serotonin value. 80-190 ug/g is normal, whereas mine is at 1.032. They checked the value. My dopamine is within range (only in urine, it was high one time in serum/plasma). I have pancreatic insufficiency and a whole lot of weird symptoms from Burning Mouth Syndrome, shortened sleep, fatigue syndrome that reacts with nervous system involvement (wiredness), and I went through a period of anxiety and depression when I was untreated for the pa
  3. I think this could all make some sense, particularly with the drinking etc., because my pancreas issue certainly would contribute to dehydration... I will try that front. Any other rehydration tips and tricks? Specific products other than sports drinks?
  4. Hm, thanks. I eat already a collection of amino acids I will see whether it is in there.
  5. Ah, I am not too familiar with the autonomic testing, I went to two neurologists and they both did not consider. But it is good to know that there is that option. Yes, smaller meals seem to help me, but sometimes I just eat a little baby food and it's still a drama.
  6. Yeah that's the thing I do not have any classic dysautonomia symptoms, and yet this vagus nerve involvement is so strong. I also have high dopamine... that might not help with nausea and in turn vagus nerve involvement. Wonder what can be done to calm the vagus. Thanks for replying to my other threads by the way!
  7. Thank you. I suppose pressure on the vagus could come about by many different means? Yes I definitely have vagus nerve involvement of all kinds after meals. I wonder what I could do to calm my vagus. I already try the whole spectrum of calming things like yoga in morning, sports, distraction. But it comes no matter, particularly after I eat more, but sometimes even after baby food.
  8. Yes! This is totally the case for me, in the morning it is harder. But it is because I also have constant agitation that comes with this. I am suspecting some nerve involvement with my gastro issues. Yes, I eat small amounts already and more at night, hihi. I wonder why that is??
  9. Hi! I get a lot of palpitations after eating, and it could be due to some of the illnesses I have, but it is unrelated to what type of food I eat, and other people with the same illness do not get that. Hence I have thought about the possibility of it being due to dehydration (I have pancreatic insufficiency with some strange nerve involvement and neuropathy in other areas of my body and gastro tract). Thus, what do you do against dehydration as people with dysautonomia? Maybe that would be worth trying for me too. Just drinking lots of water and gatorate, or anything else I can try?
  10. Ah, that is about what was effective for me. It is rather mysterious, I have the hypersensitivity of a dysautonomia person without actually having classic dysautonomia. But I see myself in many of the issues people post here. It is hard to make doctors understand that the dosage I take does really effect me in the same way and that I do not suffer from a psychosomatic anxiety placebo effect or so.
  11. Thank you. I was wondering whether I should give the mirtazapine another try. It was so weird, I took 1/8 of 30 mg (really!) and got very tired the first day, then on the third I got very hyper, and I had this issue that I would still wake up on it and have painful peeing sensations... I could push through a little again, one issue with the mirt is that I get so many cravings on it, and with the pancreas issue sometimes I have to go on a diet and the urge to stuff food into me is not the best, because I have to distribute my food... in small portions throughout the day... and sometimes not eat
  12. Hey, thanks so much for your time and thoughts. As for normal catecholamines... to clarify in urine adrenaline and noradrenaline are low... dopamine in serum 10x as high as normal, others in middle range. As for Vitamin D., yes, I have problems with that due to the pancreas issue. If I take A LOT of vitamin D, I find myself slightly within the range. B12 seems okay and easier to fill up (I take those multivitamins, a lot actually, also lots of vitamin E as per doc idea). My heart is a tad slow sometimes but that might be due to the thyroid issue... my blood pressure normal to low.
  13. Hey DINET community, I am writing here because you guys are the group that I consider pretty knowledgeable in all things nerves, the distinction between anxiety and other stuff, and weird illnesses that take some time to be taken seriously. I have mainly one issue: I have a gastro issue (possibly severe pancreatic insufficiency, confirmed by two GI and stool tests, waiting for more investigations). However my issue is also that my nervous system reacts extremely to the changes (whatever is going on) in my gastro system. That something more is going on is reflected in the following sy
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