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  1. Anxiety

    Wow thank you I will go look it up! I’ve actually never meditated so I don’t know very much about it. I hear so many amazing things that meditation can do so I’m anxious (ha) to start! At this point I would almost try anything.
  2. Anxiety

    Thank you so much for your response! I have been trying to find ways to naturally calm my anxiety. My problem is with my 2 and 4 year old I’m having a hard time finding the time to do the meditation and yoga that I would like to be doing. I am also in therapy for childhood trauma. I find it interesting that a lot of us potsies had traumatic childhoods or other anxiety issues before the pots came on. I wonder what the link with that is 🤔 I am hopeful that I can get a handle on this even if it takes some medication temporarily. *fingers crossed*
  3. Anxiety

    I don’t mind at all! I am currently taking one 10mg pill twice a day. The bottle says I can take 2 but I am trying to just stick with 1 so my body doesn’t become too dependent on them. I started these in September. My goal is to be med free someday (because I hate medication) but lately I am discouraged that it will ever happen. I stay away from caffeine too! I miss my frappechinos
  4. Treatment for hyper-pots

    Thank you all for your replies! Very helpful. I have yet to find my “underlying cause”. My neuro says I have some form of dysautonomia and she thinks something auto-immune is coming. I don’t think you just get POTS without a cause so I am hopeful the new neurologist I see soon can give me some answers. My BP tends to be on the high side, usually 112/90. If I am having an attack it goes up to 160/110. I have tried compression stockings but I didn’t see a benefit in them. It’s crazy how we are all so different. Thanks again for all of your input!
  5. Just curious those of us lucky enough to have the hyperadrenergic type of POTS what treatments have worked for you? Does exercise help with the Hyper type? Thank you!
  6. Anxiety

    Thank you! The struggle is VERY real. Having Little’s makes it SO. MUCH. HARDER. Cheers to us for being mommy warriors with this terrible illness! 🍻
  7. Anxiety

    OMG the exact same thing happens to me! I will be asleep for 2-3 hours and wake up in a sweat and heart racing and eventuallh the tremors start which means it’s coming to an end. I am actually on Propanolol right now which has helped with the night attacks. It’s not helping with the anxiety tho and the sweating and sometimes my HR will still go up to 140 with these feelings which is a improvement from 170-180. I would just like to find a med that covers it all. If that’s even possible!
  8. Anxiety

    The only SSRI I have tried is Zoloft and within an hour of taking it I would have an attack every time. It also made my daily anxiety worse. Maybe a different SSRI would work? *sigh*
  9. Anxiety

    I have never tried a Benzo because like a lot of people on here I am terrified of meds! I don’t react to them like “normal” people do. I am on Propanolol right now which has helped with my night time attacks but it’s not helping with the on edge feeling and the sweating and body rushes.
  10. Anxiety

    I totally agree that the anxiety is physical however, sometimes I feel like my anxiety triggers the surges and I haven’t been able to figure out the off switch on that. I am really hoping to find a medication or something that can calm my body down so I am not in this constant state of fear.
  11. Anxiety

    So true! I never knew how faulty our medical system was until I desperately needed it. I am blown away how awful I have been treated by many of the doctors I have seen and the neglect I have felt.
  12. Anxiety

    Never heard of this one! Definitely worth looking into. Now i just need to find a doctor willing to help *sigh*
  13. Anxiety

    I would love to find one that worked. Did yours get rid of the surges? I think the surges are what plague me the most and cause the most anxiety.
  14. Anxiety

    Did the clonazepam make you sleepy? I have a 2 & 4 year old and I need a med that doesn’t cause drowsiness, it that’s even possible!
  15. Anxiety

    I feel like anxiety is one of the worst symptoms of my POTS. I hate to even admit that it has become a problem because since day 1 of this all of the doctors I have seen have tried to blame all of my symptoms on anxiety which is not true. I believe my hyper-pots has induced the anxiety. It has become so bad that i am having troubles driving and I won’t take the freeway anymore. Now let me get to my question! What anti-anxiety med helped you best for hyper-pots? I tried Zoloft and everytime I would take it within an hour I would have a huge attack and would have tremors. It was awful. I don’t react to medication normally so I just want something mild that will take the edge off. Any suggestions?