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  1. I used to have night attacks every single night they were awful and debilitating. After I started clonazepam along with propanol I have not had a night attack since! Truly saved me.
  2. So I have not traveled by plane since my Hyoer-pots started. I am so nervous!! Any tips or tricks anyone could give me? Experiences during flight good/bad? I have my klonopin & propanolol but I’m still concerned how my body will react to the flight. 😕
  3. Klonopin gave me my life back! I was diagnosed with Hyperadrenergic POTS in 2017 and I was struggling with the day to day. The overload of norepinephrine induced severe anxiety and night time attacks. I was given the klonopin about a year and a half ago and it changed my life! I barely feel any of my pots symptoms and my attacks have been gone since I started it. I don’t care if there is a stigma around taking them or not. When you have a condition like this one, if a drug helps you live your life then take it! So happy to hear it helped you too I have been on .5 mg a day and have never needed to up my dose.
  4. I had SVT and had an ablation in 2017. Best thing I ever did! I haven’t had SVT since. I have read that taking magnesium helps prevent arrhythmia attacks and also potassium. So if your not ready for surgery I would definitely try taking those supplements and see if it helps your arrhythmia and PVCs. It helped me!
  5. My cardiologist has said that anxiety comes from the nervous system so it is normal for me to feel as anxious as I do since I have a dysfunctional nervous system. I take clonazepam for my anxiety and attacks and it has saved me. I was so against medications and tried almost everything natural to calm my anxiety but I finally caved and it has given me some of my life back.
  6. My Potassium is always low too and so is my Magnesium. I try to eat Bananas and drink sugar free Gatorade regularly. That seems to keep me feeling stable. Usually when my potassium starts to fall I get more leg cramps and muscle twitches. We all have way too much in common and there has to be a reason! I wish someone could figure out this puzzle for all of us.
  7. I used to have so many pvcs everyday. Some of them would stop me in my tracks they were so strong. Then I read somewhere that Magnesium helps with heart irregularities and now my skipped beats are pretty much gone. Just thought I’d pass this along in case it helps!
  8. You sound just like me! I have SVT (which caused my pots) and I’m hypothyroid too and I also suffer from migraines. The only thing that was abnormal with my labs the day the SVT started my pots was my magnesium was low and so was my potassium. Now I take magnesium supplements everyday and eat bananas regularly. The magnesium helps with the migraines too. I had a heart ablation to fix the SVT and I’m so thankful for it. I feel soooo much better now than when this first started 2 1/2 years ago. Hang in there!! You are not alone.
  9. Thanks guys! @Pistol @bombsh3ll I have been thinking about getting a therapy dog but they are very expensive is what I have found so far. I will definitely look into the alert button, that is a good idea. I HATE being alone and yet I’m forced because of military life. It has been very challenging but so far since taking the clonazepam at night I haven’t had an attack in almost 3 weeks *knock on wood*
  10. I just have to share my journey in case it will help anyone who suffers from these awful and terrifying attacks. When my pots first started after about 2 months I would start waking up with a racing heart. Every night for about 4-6 months no matter what I did after a few hours of sleeping I would wake up with my heart racing, anywhere from 140-160 and my palms and feet. clammy, dreadful fear and anxiety. At the end of the attacks the shakes would start and I knew it was finally coming to an end. Beta blockers didn’t help, ssri didn’t help. After about 6 months the attacks became less and less. The only thing that changed was starting clonazepam prn during the day. Now it seems my attacks at night are now brought on by anxiety. I only have them when I’m alone (husband is gone). He is gone for the military and at first my attacks were coming back. I gave in and started taking my clonazepam at bedtime (I had only been using it as needed) and I haven’t had an attack once even though I’m alone! I honestly think the clonazepam helps calm my nervous system and prevents the norepinephrine dumping. If you are suffering with these awful attacks this is worth looking into! I remember when this all started and how desperate I was for relief. I must have went to the ER 20x and called 911 countless times thinking I was dying. I’m not saying this is the answer for everyone but even if i help 1 person with this I’m happy. This illness is AWFUL That is all
  11. Thanks all! I will try and chill out (anxiety girl here, is it obvious?) and just take it. I need to let myself have the one thing that helps and accept that I need it for now. So glad I have dinet and everyone here who gets it!
  12. I’ve talked to him about it and he doesn’t seem worried. I guess I have lost my faith in most doctors so I look for opinions elsewhere as well. He has tried SSRI and SNRI and clonidine and others and nothing has worked except the clonazepam. I think I need to just take it even tho I know the risks.
  13. Thank you for this! I feel like I need to stop over thinking it and let myself have something that actually helps me function. It is a small dose and less than the doctor prescribed. I guess I will chill out Lol I’m glad it is helping you too!!
  14. I started Clonazepam almost a year ago and it really has saved me in certain overstimulating situations. I have only been taking .25mg as needed which has been 1-2 times a week if that. Now my husband is gone for the military and I am finding myself in a anxiety/pots attack mess. The only drug that has helped with the night attacks and daily anxiety is the clonazepam. But I keep reading all the warnings about the damage it can do to the brain the longer it’s used and the dependence warnings. I’m so nervous to take this everyday and I’m wondering if I just take .25mg every 1-2 days if I will be at risk for the dependence and negative side effects? Any advice appreciated!
  15. Have you ever had a heart holter monitor to check for SVT or other heart arrhythmias? They say to find the fastest your heart should go is to Subtract your age from 220 to get your maximum heart rate. So if your measuring your heart going 217 that sounds like SVT or something similar to me. I had SVT and my heart would go up to 250. I could be wrong but I would definitely talk to your doctor about it!
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