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  1. Good Morning, I was diagnosed back in 2014 with hyperPOTS. I was terrible for around two years and then slowly but surely went into some form of remission. Although my HR was still elevated in comparison to a normal healthy person it was nowhere near what it was when I was initially diagnosed. Like a few of you are saying on this thread the people in remission will be very unlikely to still be responding to these forums! That sure was the case for me. However a recent viral infection back in August has flared my POTS again. Not to the point of being as bad as it was but defini
  2. Wish sleeping wasn't an issue! Propranolol gave me all the feelings of tiredness yet the complete inability not to sleep! Very frustrating. I've just got nebivolol 2.5mg OD off my dr yesterday, so as I was already trying to get myself off propranolol I have started that today - took a little longer to kick in than propranolol does, but its also once daily dosing which I think is a good thing, especially if it does end up working. Apparently it works a little differently from the other beta blockers - less likely to cause fatigue etc. so I thought it was worth giving a go. Dr did mention bisopr
  3. Yeh I think I know the zombie feeling your on about all too well. Its like I knew what I was doing, I knew what was going on around me, but I just felt really disconnected from it all - very strange, I didn't like it at all and it was making me more anxious than before although it just wouldn't allow me to full on panic because it kept my hr/bp down. But you saying that it made you feel surreal definitely sums it up well in a nut shell! I am actually reassured you have said a similar thing as I was starting to feel like I was actually going crazy haha. I have issues at the moment sleeping anyw
  4. Hello, I just wanted to get some feedback regarding peoples experiences with beta blockers. Ever since a few weeks back I have started taking propranolol continuously after a severe pots/panic attack like episode and a visit to the ER. I have occasionally taken it prior to this off and on when I felt I needed it but often ended up stopping it because I didn't quite like how it made me feel - however on these occasions I only took it for a max of 3-4 days. For some reason a small amount does a lot to me as well so I ended up only taking 2.5-5mg 2-4 times a day. After stopping it the time prior
  5. I was actually interested in this concept myself. Every now and then I have episodes of really exaggerated symptoms. These 'episodes' come on quite suddenly. During these times I seem to get what I would class as feeling overly anxious when I am literally doing nothing that would make me, I get the chills (sometimes I can feel like I am having hot flashes though), a feeling that I really need to eat something, irritable, headachy, weird blurry vision (best way I can describe it), shaky (almost like an inner trembling feeling) and heart palpatations/thudding, paleness, nausea . if I monitor mys
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