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  1. That's interesting. Do you have high blood pressure? So you have something like local vasoconstriction confined to your chest area? Does the medication solely target your chest area or does it have a much wider effect?
  2. Thank you Katie. Ill utilize the search facility and see what pops up. It feels good to know that it is a viable treatment method for POTS patients.
  3. Hello Does anyone here take vasodilators for POTS? I have noticed hot showers help me immensley and the only reason I can think of why it is helping is because the heat dilates my blood vessels. Quite frankly I believe my POTS problem stems from too much/uncontrolled vasoconstriction. This is further reinforced when I visited family abroad and their home is very warm and so I noticed how my light sensitivity was completely gone. It was short-lived when I returned back to the UK. My home is more on the cooler side. So i guess what I'm asking is, does anyone here take vasodilators for POTS? I feel kinda ridiculous going to the docs asking for vasodilators as it's not exactly what a POTS patient would take to feel better hah.
  4. Ahha. Let us know how it goes then. How long did they have you stand by the way?
  5. "Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome are indicated by decreased sympathetic response to standing and reflex tachychardia" This to me translates as when you were tilted up your sympathetic tone withdrew as a result reflex tachycardia initiated possibly due to vasodilation? Did they say if you had blood pooling? The catecholamine testing is used to detect hyper pots. Did they suggest any medication? Treatment methods?
  6. My resting heart rate hovers inbetween 40-50 bpm. I have POTS.
  7. Instead of my feet if i raise my arms to shoulder length or higher my arms will emit that pins and needles sensation with numbness.
  8. Hey Rob! I too showed only heart rate issues when tilted up and besides that is the diagnostic criteria for POTS. It doesn't require any hypo or hypertension, just a 30+ bpm increase or one that exceeds 120 bpm. Obviously they insist that one must also experience symptoms when upright, that the heart rate increase is not necessarily enough. Did they say how much it jumped or what your baseline heart rate was and what it reached at the end of the test?
  9. Thanks Sarah. I shall see what I can get the doctor to try. As for symptoms it would be my digestive system and eyes followed by orthostatic intolerance. I just know the answer is somewhere between the blood vessel constriction and hot showers as i tend to feel much better afterwards. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hi there. Ive been meaning to ask what sort of treatment is there available for those with normal or mostly normal BP. Well ive come to the conclusion that my BP is normal as no mention of it was made during testing. I was diagnosed with POTS but given no means of medication. Just the usual volume boosting and whatnot. Salt makes me feel worse and I dont feel the need to drink fluids or more thirsty than usual or have i noticed that my symptoms are due to low blood volume. From what I gather most if not all medication is out there to mainly solve BP issues. Although I have noticed that hot showers seem to make me temporarily feel much better which is quite the opposite of what most POTS patients would say. I did once ask a reputable 'ask a doc' site about the shower thing and it was mentioned that it is possible to see such relief in hyperadrenergic POTS. Ive had this feeling that my issue stems from some kind of vasoconstriction. Needless to say I found out that there are vasodilators. Im just trying to figure out how to go about requesting a trial based on my clinical picture.
  11. I actually forgot the most important piece of information that I meant to add in the initial post. That is, I feel great having hot showers. I can stand under the shower head for long periods of time having the water pour over me. Hot showers alleviate my eye symptoms particularly the light sensitivity. This is the main reason I feel my issue is vasoconstriction. Of course, it's just all theories in the end!
  12. Trying to figure out why it takes so long for the blood to pool in my legs. To be frank most of the time I feel vasoconstricted and feel this to be the reason for the extreme delay in pooling that happens very slowly. Most of the time I have cold hands with blue nail beds, fingers and palm, pretty much can be the whole hand. Same goes for my feet. I also tend to shiver a whole lot and yawn excessively. With activity/routine I am constantly pale. This has been noted by everyone. Also the more active I am the harder I find it to stay warm and the tiredness takes a toll. I'm only in my 20s but I fall off to sleep in classes, tubes etc. Surprisingly the longer I endure and the colder I feel the worse my eye symptoms are (Extreme light sensitivity amongst other things). That's when I realized that vasoconstriction can cause pupil dilatation. I've seen a few Opthalmologists and all were surprised by my large resting rate of pupils. Unfortunately they weren't able to explain why. Most of the people that I meet usually assume I am on drugs (lol) until I clarify that I am not. The point is I feel there's a connection somewhere. Anyone able to pitch in? Thanks in advance!
  13. With Pots blood pressure can remain stable, drop or increase and even fluctuate.
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