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  1. https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2014/1/outwitting-our-aging-brain interesting article on ways to increase cerebral profusion naturally
  2. That's exactly what I think is happening. This past year I've had horrific feeling of lightheadedness. A very constricting feeling like someone is squeezing the vessels in my neck and blood isn't flowing. I know I have chronic issues with that and I think I always have. I think those episodes as I drift to sleep happen Bc blood flow isn't getting to my brain and my body wakes in a panic. I never did a test like that but they did MRA of head and neck and didn't find anything. I definitely have problems with blood flow to my brain. I think I always have but now it's just getting progressively wo
  3. @CallieAndToby22you and I seem very similar. I actually tried to do my second sleep study last week and could not fall asleep. It happened the first time too. I just couldn't fall asleep and it's so frustrating because I NEEDED that study done. I have torturous sleep. For the longest time my biggest issue was that every time I drifted to sleep I woke up feeling like my heart stopped. And BAM then my heart would go crazy fast I would feel weak and start hyperventilation. This happens only in the transition phase. Sometimes every time I drift or sometimes just the first time. Terrible terrible.
  4. Thank you everyone. Yes I have a feeling I'm chronically dehydrated because even as a child I remember not having thirst. In fact, my whole family used to eat dinner together and none of us wanted to drink with dinner. My mother is the same way. She can go a day without drinking and if she does maybe she will drink one bottle of water. Growing up I remember seeing her legs turn red in the shower. She also seems to have other autonomic issues but nothing that affects her at all. It's very weird. She never complains of palpitations or lightheaded feeling or terrible sleep issues and yet my sympt
  5. I should add most days I drink about 30-40 oz
  6. Hi everyone. I'm just curious. It's 2:50 and I had 2 cups of decaf coffee. My blood pressure is fine and heart rate good. Would that be enough to cause feelings of lightheadedness. Acetyl l carnitine is really helping me but there are some days I have this lingering lightheaded feeling. Now if vitals are normal does hydration still matter? Looking back I never drank a lot. I don't have that feeling of thirst. It's very strange. I have to force myself to drink. Would drinking 16-20oz each day of liquid cause chronic dehydration even those blood pressure is not affected?
  7. Again, it's not a cure, but definitely having a positive effect. That weakness feeling in my legs and the uncomfortable feeling of something going on in mY abdomen (I guess it was blood pooling who knows) is so much better. The lightheadedness is better but still have a feeling like my blood flow is still not right to my brain. I'd like to try arginine or a supplement that will dilate my blood vessels as I think that will help. It's crazy but when I drink alcohol the lightheaded feeling is a lot better. How odd. Is it because alcohol is a vasodilator? My hands and feet are always cold when I'
  8. I'm a new member. I have had horrible dysautonomia symptoms dating back to childhood. I never understood my symptoms then just assumed it was normal because I felt it all the time. Anyway, this past year I really thought I was dying. I had suffocation feeling at rest and muscles that felt like jello (salt water twice a day helped this symptom). Also, I've had debilitating lightheadedness that wasn't correlated to my vitals. It was constant and felt like someone was squeezing the vessels in my neck and I was in a constant state of feeling like I was going to pass out. That symptom ruled every s
  9. Thank You everyone. @Sushihe did say that the sympathetic acted appropriately to the Valsalva (it increased) but that the parasympathetic increased as well which it shouldn't have. So would an SNRI still be appropriate?
  10. @cmep37 Aneurysms no.. diverticulitis does run in my family. My fathers grandfather had terrible varicose veins. One actually burst because it was sWollen. She actually had symtpoms Of POTS I believe. She was very veiny. My moM Is veiny but no issues. She did need blood transfusion after c section with my brothers and I (I'm a triplet). Other than that no issues. Her mother extremely veiny. She has dilation of abdominal aorta that they're keeping an eye on but she's 87. Other than that nothing major. No one on either side has suffered as much as I have.
  11. Thank you!! Still confused about what excessive parasympathetic response actually means. I tried to research it and I read the article you posted but till confused. I have a lot to sort through. Thank you again
  12. So I got some testing back. QSART showed small fiber neuropathy and my response to Valsalva maneuver showed "increased central parasympathetic response". I have no idea what this means and honestly my neurologist doesn't either. Can someone offer me guidance as he's willing to collaborate with me and figure this out even though he isn't familiar with autonomic dysfunction.
  13. Thank you everyone. Honestly, anything that makes my stomach constrict makes me feel sick. I remember going to a wedding a few years ago. I had sudden stomach pain. A burning feeling that just progressively got worse. I started feeling very ill and so weak. I laid on the floor. I was taken to the ER, but they were so busy it was hours before anyone could see me. I used the bathroom finally and felt a little better so I went home. I often wonder if it was some sort of ischemia or something caused by the stockings I was wearing. I also had a weird episode when I suddenly bent down to put somethi
  14. I read that that sensation in the abdomen that causes weakness could actually be blood pooling? Also, I definitely have POtS as my heart rate increases by at least 30 bpm when standing and my daughter showed a 40 bpm increase (she is 9) both were done in doctors office so we didn't get TTT. Just thought maybe the sensation could be dysautonomia too. Where blood pools and there's not enough flowing to arms and legs so you feel weak.
  15. Hey everyone. I know I've been posting like crazy, but my symptoms are all over the place. I hate this "disease" I'm still waiting on results from the same basic autonomic testing, but I have this feeling in my abdomen that when I try to explain it everyone looks at me like I've lost me mind. It literally feels like I'm bleeding out in my abdomen. I don't know if it's a rush feeling or a draining feeling but it leaves me feeling weak in my limbs and lightheaded. My stomach is also swollen. They did a full body CT scan. It can't be "bleeding" Bc my hemoglobin was always normal but it sure feel
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