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  1. That article doesn't appear to cite any sources; it appears to be someone's own theory? They are correct in most of the symptoms they attribute to panic, and that they are certainly autonomic symptoms. However most of the time this wouldn't be classed as dysautonomia, seeing as these symptoms are a direct consequence of anxiety stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Dysautonomia normally means autonomic dysfunction that isn't a direct consequence of, say, anxiety or dehydration or anything like that. It's either a consequence of a permanent underlying condition (like EDS) or idiopathic. T
  2. I was a very calm person pre POTS, though always prone to palpitations if I overdid the coffee or cigarettes. And I have crazy genetic hyperhidrosis, so it is possible my sympathetic nervous system was always out of whack, but I'd never had a panic attack or been prone to anxiety. Can't say that now. This thing has terrified me and lowered my tolerance of stress to zero. But I was on benzos for a while so I got to see exactly what was mental, or at least adrenaline-related, and what wasn't. 'Collateral' symptoms were better on the benzos. I found it easier to eat and had less (not none) pains
  3. Very true; I've certainly read conflicting theories about the pain. Some docs think it's cardiological and others insist it isn't. Sometimes mine is definitely muscular, but then sometimes it feels 'different' and I can't tell exactly where it's coming from. My own cardiologist mentioned spasming after a scary episode one night, which depending on what he meant can be very serious. But he didn't seem at all concerned.
  4. Felt so crap earlier had to go and sit outside the hospital until the pains went away. Glad to know I'm not the only POTS sufferer with this. I asked docs on healthtap why we get left-sided pains more often (as do anxiety and costochondritis people) and of course answers ranged from 'don't know' to 'pain is not a symptom of pots'. Sigh. The one thing i do wish I'd had done cardiologically is a proper thallium or echo stress test. I never hear of people getting them done here but I can't believe they aren't when they're so popular in the US. I know my arteries are clear (had them scanned) and
  5. Thanks for the replies. Here again today with bad pains in my left arm and feeling crappy.
  6. I was sitting on my bed and started getting painier pains in my left arm than usual. Then follows heart rate bounding up to 120, sweating and an intense need to vomit (the heaving made me have an ectopic or two). I've had these kinds of episodes before, though the left arm pain has gotten worse lately, and they looked at my heart. Had echo, ekgs, enzyme blood tests and ct perfusion coronary artery scan which were all okay. Cardiologist suspects pots and have my ttt scheduled for the end of the month. But these episodes still terrify me. The regular heart rate jumps when I stand are bad enough,
  7. Haven't got a confirmed pots diagnosis yet, but I certainly have a lot of these symptoms :-/
  8. I have breathing problems too, and weird sensations/pain on the left side in particular. My chest is very tender to touch, and lying down can be very difficult due to the heavy feeling and spasms that go through to my back. Chest ct normal; waiting on lung function. About a year ago, before my other symptoms began, I started getting that forgetting to breathe thing. Now my main problem is the sudden or persistent feeling that it's hard to breathe or I'm not getting enough air. However, and I can only speak for myself here, but I've noticed that my oxygen levels on monitors have mostly been fi
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