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  1. It's going to be hard to keep her away from alcohol considering her age and just starting university. Does it have anything to do with what she is drinking? I know personally I can't handle red wine or any of the harder liquors like whiskey but I can still get down a stout beer on occasion without it bothering me much.
  2. Sleepy_Lady, I have had SO many days like that!
  3. I don't know what it is about swimming but the day POTS started for me was after a trip to the pool. I walked into the pool my usual, healthy self, spent an hour or so playing with my son in the lazy river and as I was leaving I fainted in the zero-entry section. Never really been the same since and haven't tried going back in the water. I hope you get some good advice!
  4. I'm no health professional and you should definitely run this by your OB/GYN or primary care doc, but do you know if you have an underlying inflammatory condition that may be causing some of your symptoms? Pregnancy produces an inflammatory response even in healthy women and it can be widespread systemically by third trimester.
  5. YES! Only four more years! Sorry, I'm being kind of sarcastic. My understanding is that a total remission is more likely for younger POTS patients and that people who develop the condition later will have to deal with it the rest of their lives.
  6. Becia, I'm not even sure what to say on this because I'm one of those odd POTS ducks who is not medicated. I take nothing because I am so sensitive to medication side effects when I'm in a flare. I give my doctor the side-eye when he tries to whip out the prescription pad. Over the years I've tried beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, an SSRI, ranitidine, etc. Nothing improved my quality of life (except for the SSRI briefly) and all had differing and unacceptable side effects. I know how POTS makes me feel and for the most part, I can deal with it using lifestyle modification. I don't think it makes me a bad patient or someone unwilling to do what is necessary to have decent quality of life, it's just that for all the testing I've had and all the medication trials, nothing has made that big of a difference in how I feel from day to day. Even now, I have a laundry list of medical tests I need to undergo and I've decided I'm taking the rest of the summer off and I will don the big-girl panties in September and deal with it all then. And you are definitely NOT a wimp.
  7. Getting a proper diagnosis can be a long haul. I carried the diagnosis of IST for four years and was trialed on all kinds of rate control drugs with horrendous side effects. My understanding is that with IST, your rate never drops much below 90 bpm even when lying supine; with POTS, your rate can drop into the normal range or even a little low when supine and you don't get the crazy increases until you are upright. My GP finally diagnosed me with a poor-man's tilt table in his office. When my heart rate increased by 50 bpm within a few minutes of standing up, he turned around and entered "POTS" into my medical record and my cardiologist is on board now. Good luck to you.
  8. blue jay, I have the same problem with stairs! It's like I lose the right-left rhythm and almost tumble over unless I think about what my legs are doing. I haven't noticed it so much with walking.
  9. I don't have a lot of medical knowledge but my blood pressure ranges from 80/60 to 130/80 depending on time of day, posture, activity level, whether or not I've eaten recently, etc. I've also found that my blood pressure reading has little to do with how I'm feeling. I took my blood pressure a few minutes ago because my vision is blurry and I'm feeling extra fatigued and it was 110/75. Conversely, there have been days when I'm running around feeling not half bad and my blood pressure will be very low at the time. So many weird things about POTS.
  10. You may want to research 'ice pick headaches?' They're fairly common, usually lasting just a few seconds and can pop up pretty much anywhere on your head. And yes, definitely check with her primary care physician this week.
  11. I have to have protein in the morning (and as often as I can get it in) because I don't eat large amounts during most days and I want to keep some muscle mass. So breakfast is usually turkey bacon and baked beans, and maybe a slice of toast with melted cheese. And so much tea. So much. (It is decaf, though.)
  12. I love these so much! I am seriously tempted to put some of these signs in my yard. I especially love the "AVOIDED THE ER."
  13. Our next-door neighbors are lovely people but the whole family are type A over-achievers. Which is great and I'm not knocking it. Different strokes and all that. But they are also highly extroverted and for some reason, feel the need to share all of their accomplishments with the neighborhood with yard signs and balloons. For instance: CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMOTION! or BON VOYAGE HAVE FUN ON THE SLOPES! or CONGRATS ON MAKING VARSITY! I am so tempted on my worst days to put up yard signs of my own...with black balloons. Stuff like: SHOWERED TWO DAYS IN ROW, WTG! YOU WERE UPRIGHT FOR 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT, WOW! YOUR NEW COMPRESSION HOSE ARE WORKING GREAT!! What would you put on your sign?
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