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  1. Sleepy_Lady, I have had SO many days like that!
  2. YES! Only four more years! Sorry, I'm being kind of sarcastic. My understanding is that a total remission is more likely for younger POTS patients and that people who develop the condition later will have to deal with it the rest of their lives.
  3. I love these so much! I am seriously tempted to put some of these signs in my yard. I especially love the "AVOIDED THE ER."
  4. Our next-door neighbors are lovely people but the whole family are type A over-achievers. Which is great and I'm not knocking it. Different strokes and all that. But they are also highly extroverted and for some reason, feel the need to share all of their accomplishments with the neighborhood with yard signs and balloons. For instance: CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMOTION! or BON VOYAGE HAVE FUN ON THE SLOPES! or CONGRATS ON MAKING VARSITY! I am so tempted on my worst days to put up yard signs of my own...with black balloons. Stuff like: SHOWERED TWO DAYS IN ROW, WTG! YOU WERE UPRIGHT FOR 20 MIN
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