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  1. What tearose said. Introspection is good. Letting go is wonderful. But first you have to do the hard, hard work of figuring out what it is that is barring you from enjoying your life. Not easy, but people with POTS can do hard things. This is work that only you can do....no one else knows how you feel, no pill can take it away. Pills can blunt the symptoms, correct chemical imbalances and such but they do not heal. That is "brain work" for you. And once you've done it, you'll feel much better. A good counselor may be able to help you untangle it.
  2. Leah, I don't mean to bail here, but this is not my research. This is Dr. Fine's research and all I did was post it. Read the article carefully. I am reading the article for the fifth time today.....each time I go over it, my understanding deepens. I print it out, highlight it, make notes in the margins, the whole geeky thing. To look at other member's physical conditions from a purely scientific perspective is difficult in a forum such as this. I won't do it. Whether or not I would say 'no false positives' doesn't mean a hill of beans. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. My
  3. The sinus node connected to the heart bone The heart bone connected to the AV node The AV node connected to the ventricle bone ZZZZzzzzzap, burn, oops. I ain't right. Ain't right at all. But I sure am fun. Ah, the story of the ablation gone wrong........abbreviated version: I was treated for recurrent tachycardia months after delivering a healthy daughter. Referred for ablation in preparation for in vitro fertilization and hopeful pregnancy. Ablation worked. In vitro failed. (cha-ching! the sound of infertility docs getting rich) Tachycardia recurred about 2 years later. Original Electro
  4. Sorry about your downer days. Hmmm. Sounds like you married my husband. Is he handsome, about 6'1 and balding? Smiles with his eyes, laughs from his belly and listens from his heart? Seriously, there are tough times and then there are.... the anniversaries. Ouch. Your husband is a wise man. There is nothing wrong with preparing for the worst. I was married once before, divorced and have never, ever been without Plan B ever since. I take a certain amount of comfort in that, even though at times it has been a real hindrance. Plan for the worst. Pray for the best. And never, ever lose h
  5. Ohhhhh-KAY. I guess we know who hasn't been keeping up with his professional journals. Hah! Ladies! The Blue Light is Flashing in the Dumb Department....We are running a special on physicians who would rather spout off than be accurate. Our featured items are brought to you by Emily's Gastroenterologist, top producer of inadequate and opinionated information..... Gee, I just realized that most of you are too young to remember the blue light flashing in Kmart. Tough. Google it if you want to know more Feel better, Em? I'd love to see a separate thread with the DO's and DON'Ts, forbi
  6. This is good stuff, especially if you like science. It's really good stuff if you don't like science and can't sleep at night. Note that this research is barely a year old. Information in boldface was inserted by me, otherwise this is the full, unedited transcript. Read it slowly, think about it, come back to it later and re-read. There's a lot of implications here. I forwarded this to my co-workers in GI Unit and am awaiting their critical review. Early Diagnosis Of Gluten Sensitivity: Before the Villi are Gone Transcript of a talk given by Kenneth Fine, M.D. to the Greater Louisville C
  7. SINUS NODE ABLATION!!! YOUCH!!!! OK, you just became my hero......... Has anyone written you up in journal? Seriously. Nuking the sinus node is one way to prove that there is also a bigtime neuro link in all this mess. Now you're pioneering one of the new meds for us. I'm sure you'd rather be pioneering a space walk, or underwater soil sampling or even walking a thousand miles behind a covered wagon. After all, those things have a predetermined end point. I had an accidental ablation of my AV node almost 2 years ago......oops. Well, I guess that's one way to prove POTS without a tilt tab
  8. After reading about the many folks here who have celiac, I decided to do a "little light reading" on the 'net. Came across this statistic after about three hours and it was a genuine eye opener: This is taken from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Program Fact Sheet: "The incidence of autoimmune diseases in the general US population is 3.5%. In a 1999 study, Ventura, et.al. found that those diagnosed with celiac disease between the ages of 2-4 years of age had a 10.5% chance of developing an autoimmune disorder. Duration of exposure to gluten and risk for autoimmune disorders in patien
  9. rgt9191, I understand where you are at.......my best friend from college has turned out to be a HUGE disappointment. I am godmother to her daughter and she is getting married this month. I look at it this way: life happens. POTS is only the context (for you.) For me, it is an egomaniac who is all about herself, her degrees, her third husband (who greatly helped her advance her career). A real friend is one who carries your Foley bag and pushes your IV pole. I am blessed with one of those too. Funny, she has just as many degrees as the egomaniac..... and got them after she was disabled.
  10. Yep. This site is way too soft and fuzzy for most guys. Shoot, half the time it's way too soft and fuzzy for me. Mighty Mouse is always editing my posts and telling me to clean up my language, lol. And I don't confront 99% of the stuff I would like to simply because the 'net is a "flat" forum for communication. Very hard to tell what is really going on, so I prefer to give the benefit of the doubt. AT ANY RATE...... In the interest of our men I hereby offer our race shop, located at our home, on the first Friday night of the month. Men can be men, turn wrenches, get dirty, cuss, cut ste
  11. Interesting topic. Interesting to see how many of you have celiac sprue, even though it is fairly uncommon. Just another correlation to wonder about. I've got the following "other stuff:" Asthma Complete Heart Block/pacemaker dependent Dysautonomia Chronic ulcerative colitis GERD Migraines Psoriasis? Eczema? some weird thing I never bothered to go to the doc about.... Arthritis (workup in progress) Bilateral plantar fascitis (currently with cast on one leg, immobilizer on the other) Neuroma in R. foot Expressive aphasia Cholecystitis w/ gall bladder out this spring Metrorrhagia w/ hysterect
  12. No worries. That's why God put hydrochloric acid in our stomachs. He's always one step ahead of us.
  13. Zofran rocks. Works like a charm. I've given thousands of IV doses......but never to pregnant patients. Jessica, I don't mean to be harsh and cynical, but I am going to be blunt because you've got a lot at stake here. I've been doing science and nursing longer than you've been on Earth.....so take it for what it's worth. After a lot of experience, I tend to distill things down. Besides, I've been sick enough a time or two myself. Helps when I'm trying to separate the pepper from the fly specks. So here goes: 1. You got pregnant and you had to know it was going to be tuff, rocky road. 2.
  14. Trick or Treat will never be quite the same for you after the nasty tricks you had this Halloween! I wouldn't necessarily blame the Phenergan for the SVT. Mostly likely dehydration as it is the mother of all kinds of compounded problems. Adenosine is powerful joo joo. Guaranteed to make you feel like crap because it WILL drop your heart rate, for a little while at least. It's used to diagnose the origin of SVT by slowing the heart rate down RIGHT NOW. See if you can get a PICC line and at least a liter of fluid IV per day. Preventing dehydration should help prevent the SVT, might hel
  15. Dear Amy, My heart goes out to your husband and you. One of the benefits of this forum is that I do not know you and so can be a little more objective than if we were acquainted. A couple of things come to mind: 1. Your husband is talking to you. Maybe not in the way you would want, but at least he's talking and has told you of his feelings, some of which are very deep. He's probably been carrying this around for awhile and it came out the only way he knew... "unloading" It's a start. It's important. Validate his feelings... because this isn't fair to him. Tell him point blank that th
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