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  1. Hi Maggie, My symptoms started out of the blue on 7/02 when I was 43. My doctor believes it was due to a virus... but I don't remember being sick. The diagnosis came in 12/02. I was very incapacitated in the beginning but have been determined not to give in and let POTS take my life away. My doctor said if it was virus related it could possibly go away in 5 to 7 years, or at best my symptoms would level off and not get any worse. I recently turned 50 and have felt my body strengthening and my symptoms lessening as each season passes. Summer heat is the worst. I use cooling collars, try not to
  2. Has anyone used massage therapy to help with their symptoms of POTS? or Has anyone found research to support massage therapy helping people with autonomic disorders? It seems like massage would be a benefit in normalizing the body. I have had hit and miss massages but not enough consistently to see a difference in my symptoms. Any information would be appreciated. thanks, Mary
  3. Merrill, Thanks for your booster shot reply Any secrets to help me with quitting would be appreciated. POTS is hard enough and keeps me home except for when I have to work. Even then at times I have a hard time and need to go slow and always tank up. I know I will feel much better all the way around... especially my psyche. Michele, Thanks for your reply and well wishing. Nice to know I'm not alone here with this addictive habit. My doctor offered wellbutrin but I don't think it would work. I have tried the patch but smoked with it. My doc suggested local programs on smoking cessation. I
  4. Life is full of stress for all of us. Healthy alternatives are available I know. My life has greatly improved over the last 3 years due to a much needed divorce, although I do believe the trauma of all that was involved, caused my POTS. My life now seems to be settling out and I am resolved to living with POTS and making the needed accomadations. I am displeased with myself for being a smoker and feel I am ready to quit. I know life would be better all the way around for me. I have tried in the past but you can see it didn't work. I am sure my life situation had a lot to do with my failure. Do
  5. Hot showers are one of my simple pleasures in life. I can take hot showers in cooler weather but NOT in the summer months. Crazy I think. Why wouldn't my body react the same?? I have central air and keep my house temp close to outdoor temps all year long. In summer months I have to keep the shower curtain and bath door open slightly. This helps to keep my hr down and stop the overwhelming feeling of nausea. If I do get overheated, sitting or lying on the bed a half hour or so will usually bring my hr down. I know I could never tolerate a hot tub or sauna... as much as I love a hot tub
  6. I went with a friend to the doctor last year. We share the same PCP. Well, it wasn't even an appointment for me but... the doctor wouldn't let me go without getting the last flu shot they had. She said I was to much at risk and needed it. That was the first flu shot of my life and it went well. No reaction and no flu. I haven't been able to get one this year so far. Such a shortage. Mary
  7. Hi everyone, I usually visit the forum now and again. I read the posts and threads and feel the connection we all share. I myself am not as bad off as many others I read about here, but having POTS has definitely had an impact on my life. When saying my prayers, I ask to have POTS taken from me. I still don't know the cause of mine. Marriage breakup + near anorexia are my guess. My PCP seems to believe in time it could and may go away. I get so frustrated on a daily basis. Any exertion and I have to nap. I do work 36 hours a week and recoupe the rest of the time... just to be able to get bac
  8. Nina, Sorry you had to go the hard road. Yes, your doctor should have known!! I have taken Allegra and it has done well for my. The doc that prescribed it did a good search for a med that wouldn't affect my heart rate. Next time ask the pharmacist about the med before you get it filled. They have the access and knowledge we sometimes need. This can be a double check after first talking with your doc. Good luck. Hope you are feeling better. Mary
  9. Welcome to the board. You will find friendship and support galore as well as mega information on subjects. It's nice to have connection with others who are experiencing many of the same and similar things. Good luck, Mary
  10. My symptoms are much worse the week before and the week of. My PCP increased my florinef by 1/2 dose starting the week before. This has definitely decreased my symptoms (headache, tachycardia, thigh cramps, sob) but has increased my feeling tired and of being fat due to fluid weight gain. After my menses are over and I go back to my normal dose of florinef, I feel semi human once again. Mary
  11. Hi, You have all said everything here, so I just want to add a personal comment. I crash frequently. I know it's due to work and mom stuff. It can take days to recoupe and is depressing but I just need to go with the flow until I can get going again. For me, stressing over being down with POTS symptoms just makes it worse. My therapist is such a helping boost. Chronic illness is hard to adjust to but remembering if we do everything we can to take care of ourselves then we need to leave the rest to our higher power. I find filling those down times with inspiring reading makes me feel a
  12. Hi, I wake with a headache daily since diagnosis. I take 600mg motrin at am coffee time and it usually resolves within an hour. I think the diuresis with caffine also helps to relieve my headache. Good luck. Mary
  13. Hi, I had a loop recorder for a month but it wasn't an implant. I have never heard of that. Mine was external and caught my heart rythm when I pushed a button. It recorded three times and then I had to call for a download. Thinking... since you experience syncope you would be unable to push the record button... ding! ding! on me. I would say the insertion is similar to a pacemaker and I have heard they are relatively painless. Good luck. Report back after the insertion. Mary
  14. Hi, My understanding is POTS persons need fluid retention to maintain fluid volume and reduce symptoms... tachycardia, syncope, tiring, etc... I am much more swollen in the am. But soon pee off some of this after am coffee. That's why I think I feel soooo FAT all the time Mary
  15. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Nice to hear about another nurse. 22 year career for me. Will continue work as long as God allows. Parking permit is a blessing. Mary
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