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  1. Ocd here...start CBT Monday. It's separate from the pots. But my ocd is intrusive thoughts. My ocd isn't to bad if I'm not in a health flare.. then the what ifs start in..and omg ill be like this and this sick forever. I'm getting better at remaining positive.. understanding the thoughts are just a thought not a fact and that stress makes me worse so my best bet is to relax.
  2. For whatever reason postpartum is so hard on my body. I to was bedridden for a bit. At the moment I'm 5wks and 5 days and I feel awful. Can't eat solids...had to finally give that up yesterday so on boost and soup today. My digestion goes before anything else and it sucks. Um so afraid with each flare ill just get worse...and never get better.. but so far... I've came out of each flare.. usually lasting 3 days- 3 weeks.. so I'm hopeful and trying to remain positive.
  3. Well the intrusive thoughts wont stop.. And i had a nice 2 day stay in a ward due to suicidal thoughts because of this flare... In which I was told I have OCD... which makes sense. Pregnancy makes my POTS 100x worse.. postpartum....forget about it. I'm mentally in a very rough place due to all kinds of issues lately... with depression and bad OCD and aniexty... which is why im not continuing the pregnancy because it makes me very ill.. And mentally I decline steeply. I'm on Prozac and ativan and a few other things.
  4. I honestly had tons of testing between 2013-2014. As i got better..with less severe flares lasting shorter amounts of time, I stopped looking for my why. But in the past 1.5 years I've been thru so much Divorced, moved to a different state , had to leave my kids with their more financially stable dad, fell broke both feet and a wrist, car accident in Dec. 2017, pregnancy, 8 week cold/cough illness, grandma died, pregnant again..and sick again..and tons of stress mixed in there from finances or relationship to just pure depression. I start therapy soon, the cognitive behavior therapy. I started Prozac.. makes my head buzzy. But only been on it a week. Before my POTS was never normal.. my heart rate was very low and very high, my blood pressure was very low, very high and narrow.. it was a mess. GI symptoms the worst part usually but also dizzy, fatigue, brain fog etc. Hormonal surges out the wazoo. I guess if my POTS is back..its at least well deserved considering all I've been thru..and fought thru and lack of distressing. Literally the biggest ball of constant worry/stress ever. I guess that's where the OCD comes into play. I also have aortic and pulmonary regurgitation But... I just of course (who doesn't?) Want to improve again..manage my stress... and move onto longterm health
  5. Did each pregnancy get worse for you symptom wise? After my first sick for a few weeks 2nd.. this is when I got diagnosed and took awhile to get to a functioning level Over the last 6 years I've lead a pretty normal life having to remember to rest or take it easy at times. Now I'm pregnant and feel worse than ever stress gives me bad symptoms too... I'm starting to suspect adrenal issues, as i get very bad adrenalin surges, hormones affect my POTS more than anything. And stress.
  6. I definitely suspected adrenal issues before. I've just had a rough life, full of stress and it seemed that each pregnancy made me pretty sick postpartum and hormones mess with me during ovulation. Any really stressful situation makes me physically sick and I think that's what went on here. The hormones of pregnancy with the pure terror stress of the what if I get worse never get better... I just overloaded my system
  7. I also got divorced 1.5 years ago, moved.. had to change how I see my kids since their dad has them full time... which is obviously a big stress. Also i had a bad car accident that reversed my neck curve so the amount of stress I been under is large to say the least
  8. So i got diagnosed with pots 6 years ago after the birth of my 2nd child. Hr during tilt was in 30s laying and 180s upright. Overtime I improved. And was bedridden for a few months but got better, Had flares but regained a 90% normal life. With no major flare for years. TW: I'm pregnant...for the 2nd time in 1.5 years and I'm so afraid I've broken my nervous system again. I'm not real functional at all. I've elected to end this pregnancy because of the acute symptoms and stress and medicines I'm on. I'm very scared that I won't regain my health.. and I won't be able to enjoy my kids i have and function. I'm afraid pots is back and won't go away again My Pots usually is triggered by stress... Well my grandma died last month and this month im pregnant, I was trying to lose weight to get my tubes tied... so I wouldn't have to make this decision. Can pots go from coming and going to constant? I'm afraid it will.. yes i have some mental health problems.. OCD with aniexty regarding my health and depression. I've been under a huge amount of stress.. can stress just make pots come back and not go away?!
  9. One doctor said moderate but my second opinion (by a top doctor who alsp.works at one of the top hospital for heart surgery said its a mild leak.
  10. Anyone else with valve problems? I have mild aortic leak and trace on another. Does this mean VEDS? I have attached ear lobe but don't meet anymore facial features. Im only slightly hypermobile in my hands. I just dont know what to do anymore. Scared about the leak... and if I did have EDS could I survive surgery or would my leak just keep recurring. Sigh
  11. Thanks so much :-) I know ive sounded panicked... thanks for all your insight guys. I am trying to take the approach IF anything was to happen ill cross that bridge then. Until then there is no point in worrying about the what ifs. I need to focus on what makes me happy... Family, friends... leveling up in games. My daughter's and when im able cooking and making cute hats. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.
  12. What if I have eds would my outlook still be good? I highly suspect eds as my underlying cause. I even have a leaky aortic valve
  13. Also does eds get worse with age and would it make pots more progressive as the viens stretched with age? Ive never dislocated anything. However my feet hurt and my hip but I figured it's because im fat
  14. So if I had EDS would my pots then never go away? I suspect I have eds and this is why I have those bubbles on my feet when I stand and on my wrist if I press in by my palm I can bend my fingers and thumb. If I wanted... I could bite my toenails lol I can reach past my feet when sitting legs out in front. Does this mean most likely EDS? My 4yr old daughter dislocated her elbow 3x in one year when she was younger, but it hasnt dislocated in 2yrs, we where told nurses elbow was common.... Im really depressed now... just one more thing I may have passed to my poor kids... sigh. Plus I have a aortic leak its mild. Im 24.
  15. I ended up taking the zoloft this morning. I broke the 25mg pill in half so I took 12.5mg However and TMI I have horrible diarrhea today..
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