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  1. That is so great to hear back! I always hate when they make you wait forever. Keep me posted how your appt goes. I'm shopping for a new cardio but when I find one I have a list of questions too I see my PCP next week and plan to ask to start LExapro and see if that will help bring my heart rate down.
  2. CarrieJessica- Have you ever tried a SSRI? My cardio said it will help regulate the autonomic nervous system and help reduce heart rate (he felt it was really important in IST patients). His next suggestion was Florineff. I just get so nervous with starting new meds.
  3. I have both IST and POTS. I take metoprolol 50mg twice a day, but I am looking for different options. I wasn't able to access the full text on that article- what meds do they recommend for someone who has both IST and POTS?
  4. Caffeine is also a vaso-constrictor, so it can actually help POTS symptoms. But be very careful, and in moderation. It's two-fold because caffeine does cause heart palpitations. I can tolerate about one cup of coffee and it actually makes me feel better. Soda pop or any source of caffeine with sugar makes me feel worse.
  5. AFter 6 months of waiting, I got word today my disability was denied. I kinda figured it would initially. although I had worked so hard at documenting everything- video taping my heart rates, etc. I used the advice posted in other peoples old disabiliy posts. Very discouraged. As if being sick isn't enough, now there is money to worry about Now I plan to get a lawyer and get an appeal. I live in Montana and have limited options of lawyers-- so just wondering if anyone has used 'internet' lawyers, or any lawyers who do work outside their states?
  6. I am a nurse and recently applied for social security disablity. I put my application in the first of October. Now the waiting begins. How long did people have to wait on average? If I get denied, I plan to get a lawyer asap.
  7. I am warm a lot of the time also- even in the winter. The warmer I get, the worse my symptoms get. I am no where near menopause yet, but I feel like I am having hot flashes. I sometimes wonder if I am warm because of extra adrenaline in my system. I also get low blood sugars. Last time I had routine lab work checked (and I felt fine at the time) the lab called me once I got home to make sure I was ok- my blood sugar was 48. I wound up getting a horrible headaches and symtpoms later.
  8. I am enrolled and starting on Monday as well! I really hope it helps.
  9. I would recommend trying a longer acting betablocker (or an extended release) version.
  10. Rice + chicken broth + soy sauce: If you are trying to be healthy, most stores sell a 'wild long grain rice'. Instead of cooking it in water, I cook it with organic chicken broth and then when I eat it I put lots of soy sauce on it (soy sauce has tons of sodium).
  11. Generally the bottle says it is good for a year. My guess would be it would last longer though. As medicine gets older it can loose its effectiveness. Do your headaches come when you are due for your next dose?
  12. Make sure to drink extra water and fluids- gatorade, etc. Fevers make your body dehydrate quick. And with POTS a fever will make you extra miserable. Avoid hot baths (even though you feel chilled) because it will raise your temperature more. You can take a cooler bath or place a cold wash cloth on your forehead. Eating popsicles will help too. Lastly, I would recommend alternating tylenol with your advil to keep your fever down. Rest up and hope you get feeling better soon!
  13. I am new to the forum, so just now adding some of my favorite salty things: V8 juice Cook rice in chicken broth (instead of water) and add soy sauce to it before you eat. Soy sauce has lots of salt! Cup-of-noodles Chinese food Deli meat
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