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  1. I actually just quit taking florinef (0.2mg in the am and 0.1mg at night) for much the same reason you are stopping it. I did not have any "side effects" while weaning off it, so hopefully you'll be good. Just take your BP at least daily and keep a journal on how you are feeling and what your BP is. Your BP should start to go down, just be aware of yourself, if your BP goes down to quickly you may experience some orthostatic symptoms. It just depends how high your BP currently is and how quickly it drops. Hope everything goes well! Cheers, blhorn
  2. Maxine, No to be a pest, but when my new kitten bit me I totally submerged my hands in peroxide and also used antibiotic ointment then bandaged daily. My hands looked bit and scrached but not infected. Your doc may disagree, but mine said antibiotics were the standard even with the peroxide and all... You never know what bacteria was on the end of her tooth. By the way she is a sweetheart! blhorn
  3. Maxine, I was recently torn up (several punctures, scratches, etc...) by a wild kitten I adopted. When I went to the doc, he said its pretty standard to do antibiotics for cat bites. So that is what I suggest you do, even if its getting better (better safe than sorry )just try to get into the doc as soon as you can with the holiday and all, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. I don't think you have to worry about tetnus, I think you mostly get that from rust...but ask the doc to be sure. Hope you have a better time with the rest of the holiday. Cheers
  4. I also believe it is a federal program so it shouldn't be different for your state...not positive on this but I do think it's the same for everyone. The one piece of advice I can give is if you get denied the first time, don't give up! Just look for an attorney who specializes in SSDI. Don?t get overwhelmed it?s not that big a deal, I actually think that SSDI makes a practice of denying first-timers if they can. The attorney will take a portion of the payment, calculated from when you originally applied (usually about a third), once you get approved and they will do all the work for you and what they can?t do, they will tell you how to do. When I went through the process my attorney mainly said just make sure you frequently go to your doctor and make sure all your symptoms are on you?re your medical record. Good luck with the process, don?t let it overwhelm you, they ask a lot of questions, but you?ll get through it.
  5. I have had bruises all my life...but I can never remember getting them, even before I started florinef. I've alway just chalked it up to me being weird Blhorn
  6. Dani, even though you don't feel comfortable with the antibiotics, make sure you take all of the pills. Otherwise, that is how antibiotic resistant infections come about.
  7. I often have dreams that I can not stay on my feet, I just keep falling...it horrible. I don't however, actually have an episode when I wake up.
  8. Elfie, I also can totally relate. I alway concidered my inteligence to be my one real asset, it has been so disturbing to have that taken from me. I don't have any ideas of coping though...but my heart goes out to you and everyone else who have this problem.
  9. Just a guess but maybe it's due to the sudden drop in BP. When the brain doesn't get the blood it needs, there tends to be a range of visual changes (seeing some sort of black) all the way to actually fainting. Maybe you just happen to have a particularly "fun" vision change. blhorn
  10. I would see a doctor just in case. Losing that much weight in 2 weeks is not normal. It may be attributed to the virus or maybe something else... I have a somewhat informed opinion, I'm a RN. Hope you get feeling better really soon, blhorn
  11. I received SSDI for POTS and New Daily Persistant Headache. I don't think I would have got it if I had not gone to the Mayo. All I can advise is find a doctor who will listen, go to them often, document everything, and most important if you get denied which you probably will, get a lawyer and re-apply. (You don't have to pay the lawyer they just get a portion of your back SSDI.) I have a theory that SSDI denies everyone the first or second time just to try to make people give up.
  12. In a day or two there will be the full episode on fox.com...maybe you can check it out there.
  13. I also got diarrhea when I was on mestinon, although in my case it was explosive probably to much info
  14. I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you, I know exactly how you feel. My doctor moved away and left me with no one to turn to...I really hope you find a doctor that is familiar with POTS.
  15. My HR is similar to yours. Although at the beginning he was very supportive, now 4 years later he has become tired of POTS etc. and hearing about POTS etc. He especially complains about the brain fog I go through. I feel for you, hope it gets better. blhorn
  16. Has anyone heard of a electrophysiologist name Dr. Brian Crandal, and if he knows anything about POTS?
  17. I know Utah is a scary place, although I am not Mormon...I do know for certain they do not have horns. (I've only heard that rumor, I'm sure there are others) I was dx at the Mayo in AZ and then my doctor moved to the Mayo in MN I would follow but I really would like to find someone close... I read one persons post that said they had a doc in Utah so I'm hoping that they will log on and answer my prayer.
  18. Does anyone know of a doctor in Utah that is familiar with dysautonomia/POTS? I've searched all the lists I could find and so far no luck. Thanks in advance for the help, blhorn
  19. Lisa, So sorry you had to endure that interview...that was awful what he put you through. I just wanted to add if you do get denied, which I have decided is just what they do...deny the first time you apply and hope the person goes away. But anyway, if you get denied definitely get a attny, mine really helped me.
  20. Ruekat, I am new here but wanted to say I'm glad your out of the hospital but sorry for all the side effects and other stuff. I hope you get feeling better very soon...you will be in my prayers.
  21. Thanks for the welcome Tearose and Potsgirl. Potsgirl, It was definitely Dr. BG...The last time I saw him he was growing a beard...I thought that was odd for the heat of Phoenix but... Then I call one month later and hear he's moved to Rochester and all I could think is "He knew he was leaving and didn't tell me...How Rude!" To answer your question before meds I was fine one day and then on my husband?s birthday in July 2006 I got this terrible headache (no history of migraines) and my lips started this weird burning. The lip thing went away within in a day or two but the headache remained. Initially I had no increase in heart rate. For the first week or two it was just the headache all day every day, then my BP started to tank, I would get light-headed, I fell in the shower like 3 times (never actually fainted), was bloated (I had already been Dx?ed with gastroparesis), I was very fatigued, and I found I had the ?brain fog?. The ?brain fog? was especially not good because I?m a Registered Nurse. I went to a million docs and by the time I went to the Mayo in Phoenix a year later my BP was holding steady at 100/70?s but then orthostatic tachycardia started. With my tilt table test my HR went from 75 to 115, my BP stayed basically the same. That is when the neurologist at the Mayo clinic that I was seeing said I had to see Dr. BG. When I got in to see him, 2 months later (I live in Utah?long drive), he Dx?ed me with POTS, I also saw the headache specialist there and he Dx?ed me with ?new daily persistent headache? which is sort of similar to a migraine but never goes away. Now on the meds, salt and H2O I?m still dizzy but not nearly as bad, still very fatigued, very cloudy thinking, chest pain, and still have the headache. I try to keep a good attitude but it has been hard lately since I just realized (stupid) I?m not getting better like I thought I would. Sorry for the novel, blhorn
  22. Greetings Everyone, I am so thankful I've found this site and forum, I have felt so alone. I was Dx with POTS in Feb. 2007 and have basicly been in denial for 3 years, I've just become aware that I may not get better (just as in the front page article of the latest DINET newsletter. Pretty sad right I was Dx by a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and was under his care until he moved to the Rochester Mayo Clinic in the end of 2008. I have searched through all the lists of doctors I have been able to find and there is no reference to a doctor in Utah. Is there anyone out there who sees a POTS doctor in Utah? I have not been able to find one on my own. Thank you for your help in advance.
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