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  1. Fascinating Issie. And many of us are on meds like cymbalta to "help" various symptoms but I believe it boosts dopamine as well. I wonder how many of us with these sensory issues are also on meds that boost D? Dizzyde (null)
  2. Rama - do you have a link to more info regarding sensory challenges and vagal withdrawal, as well as the CNS theory? Id really like to learn more. also, what herbs have you found best for this particular set of symptoms? (null)
  3. I used to be able to handle anything - lived in manhattan & worked at a music channel in Times Square - there was music in the hallways, tvs on in every office blasting music videos, sirens, honking, etc 24/7. Now with POTS I can't seem to handle anything. A few years after becoming sick I started getting noise intolerance - couldn't handle CNN or loud music - anything with a lot of constant "chatter" feels like my brain's going into overload. Then came light problems - Target and the grocery store are like the "perfect storm" for my symptoms! It's awful! I use sunglasses and a bball hat a
  4. I just stopped propranolol because while it greatly improved my tachycardia, it dropped my BP so low I was completely lethargic & couldn't get off the couch/out of bed. I tried it for 4 months without bp improvement, and couldn't lower the dose as I was on the lowest already. I ended up having to choose - and now having been off it just a week, I have more energy with the improved BP even though my tachycardia's back. I like the idea of trying out different BBs - maybe the one you're on isn't right for your body. (null)
  5. Me too. My family swears I'm a human barometer. Fronts are known to make migraines worse but I get all of my POTS symptoms in full gear as well. I don't get the mechanics of why this happens but would love to know more. -dizzyde
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