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    I am fortunately a voracious reader- which gives me something to do even on the bad days. I used to love all sorts of outdoor activities which are mostly beyond me now. I love to cook- and am even happier when I can eat what I cook!

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  1. I had a husband who needed a "happy and healthy" wife. Operative word being HAD. I got sick 5 weeks after we got married, and our divorce was final 15 months after that. He abandoned me in every sense of the word, told me frequently that the weight I had mysteriously gained (turned out I had celiac disease, it came off, fast, two years later, and then some before I finally got correctly diagnosed, went gluten free, & am finally relatively stable) even though I was only a size 6. He would completely abandon me every time I had to be hospitalized, telling me that all his friends "at the bar"
  2. Thanks! Polly the Wonder cat was my comfort and laughter and love, until Marty showed up! Now she suffers sharing me, and Marty suffers sniffling due to his cat allergy, and I soak up all the love! :)

  3. Your my purple portie potsie special friend ~

    xxx's BellaMia ~ ; ) What an adorable kitty ~

  4. I like to chat with you. I was thinking about going to mark stillman as well. I have had dhe for migraines as well. I have been suffering for a long time with chronic migraines. Could you send me your email. My email is dino551@yahoo.com. Thanks! Christine

  5. Thanks! She is both my laughter, and my torment! (She thinks knocking my midodrine off my nightstand is the best game EVER!)

  6. Cute kitty! Cats get me through the rough days (and nights)


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