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  1. I was born in Toledo and have 2 other family members (also from Toledo) with POTS. I now live in Arizona. I always thought it was a strange coincidence that Dr. Grubb was in Toledo. My thought is that these conditions are not rare at all, just grossly misdiagnosed and under-diagnosed. Sarah
  2. I think the reasoning behind that is when you stand and your heart begins to race, it is compensating for a drop in blood pressure or trying to prevent a drop in blood pressure. With an increased blood volume, even if the blood volume is normal to begin with, it will help keep more blood in the upper half of the body upon standing, thus making it easier on your heart (meaning it will not have to pump so hard and fast to get blood up to your brain). That's how I understand it, anyway. Hope that helps. Sarah
  3. Erik, You are absolutely right. The main reason why they are worried about H1N1 is because it is so contagious. It infects the upper respiratory system causing it to easily spread human to human. The avian flu, however, infects deeper into the lungs and is therefore much more likely to cause pneumonia. But the avian flu is very difficult to pass from human to human. If someone somehow caught both of these viruses at the same time, they could very easily mutate into a new virus that takes the severity of the avian flu and combines it with the ease in which H1N1 is spread. That's when thin
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