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  1. Other forums are working hard to keep our supplements available. I have been working on it doing all I can. Calling and emailing is easy, there are no meds that heal.
  2. My integrative doctor has me take great supplements, the best brands. I take lots of things, but my multi is called Ultra Preventive x by Douglas Labs. Making a smoothie with Greens First, Whey Protein (only a good brand), oatmeal, banana, apple, carrots, froz fruit like blueberries, strawberries or mango, etc. You can get a LOT of antioxidents for your nerves, fiber, nutrition from that. I drink it daily. All of the fruit, veggies, protein, fiber you need. Easy to get what you need like that. Yes, A good magnesium powder is very good.
  3. Do you take a good magnesium supplement at night? Also Epsom Salts in your bath is good. Relaxes the muscles amount other things. Safe.
  4. There is only a month left where we have the opportunity to call our senators/congressmen to tell them if you oppose the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act that threatens to take the freedom people have to buy their supplements. My doctors have helped me with supplements and I do a lot of research to find the best supplements that have helps my POTS, CFS and help my immune system and help me prevent other problems in the future. Supplements have raised my serotonin level so there is no need for the side effects of prescriptions, they are healing the nerves so the autonomic nervous system works better and I am able to do more and more. Other countries cannot buy or import simple vitamins. I hope we never face our loss of freedom to have ways to improve. I think the FDA is over reaching again and I hope we can save them from doing it. In my opinion they do not have reservations about dangerous medicines and side with Pharm. companies that, in my opinion, want to make even more money. For those of you who want to support, it is very fast and easy to call and email. Just google for your senators and congressmen in your state. Calls are important also. Doctors I have talked to are very concerned and patients are also. Links cannot be pasted here I guess, but I hope you will find the places to add your name to a petition. Just like when meds were threatened for some that take them for POTS, it would help if people act.
  5. My integrative doctor has me on 5HTP twice a day. WONDERFUL for seratonin and sleep. For the other, I can't remember my levels but I take Adrecor from Neuroscience, I used to take Travacor. The line is all about Amino acids and vits that naturally balance them. Does your doctor know about it? A lot of people use the company to test and help levels of n. transmitters.
  6. Does your doctor understand there are ways to help the nerve damage?
  7. Newbie, I used to feel awful when I ate meals. Bloated, nausea deluxe.... Just getting better with the POTS has helped. My doctors are working to heal the nerves (supplements) since they control the blood vessels, muscles etc. So my stomach, intestine, heart are all so much better. I used to be SO horribly nauseated every day. I am so thankful that is very rare now. I eat and the food goes down fine now. I am so thankful.
  8. Better each month thankfully! LOTS of supplements, several to heal the neuropathy with POTS for the heart, blood vessels etc..
  9. My POTS started a few months after my hysterectomy. I am not able to take pain killers so it was all quite horrible. I have also had CFS/ME for 20 years so I was primed for it.
  10. Nothing is a problem now thankfully.
  11. I am very careful of prescriptions and try to not take them. Just for UTI or something where there is no choice since it is an infection. I hate them, so dangerous and many are toxic to the nerves, not what you want with POTS. Supplements are amazing though. They are healing the nerves. I have doctors that know what to tell me to take, amount and brand. No guessing.
  12. Prescription drugs can be very toxic to the nervous system. Very often it is listed right there, "can cause neuropathy.." I only use them if there is no option. Only for UIT's etc. I also make sure I take supplements that heal the nerves. Pres. med is very scary and they have to really be taken seriously. Too many people think they are safe and doctors have no other knowledge and want to give them for every symptom when there are safe ways to heal.
  13. Don't forget about supplements for the autonomic neurpathy. I guess all POTS patients have a nerve problem to some extent since the nerves tell the blood vessels/muscles to contract. They do not work with POTS, so you get pooling and the blood will not stay in the head. Benfotiamine is vit. B1 that is fat and water soluble.That is used for neuropathies. You can google it. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also used to heal neuropathies. Well known. My integrative MD has me taking these as well as a great regemine of supplements. You can research both and if you find an integrative MD, he will know all about them. Odd that many docs do not know. Your doctor will know the best brands and amount to take. I have made great progress with them!
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