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For Those With Fibromyalgia And/or On Lyrica


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It's sad to see so much negativity and questioning of whether fibromyalgia is "real" published in one article. Yet, the author did not include any new research about the difference in pain processing both peripherally and centrally in the brains of patients with fibromyalgia. I guess it's always easy to frown upon the pharmaceutical companies making money off of diseases, but it's not good journalism to present a one-sided view.


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How pathetic.....

I've been diagnosed with fibro for over 30 years, but I never ever tell any doctor I have it. I have learned the hard way, I will be dismissed as a valid patient before the word is even out of my mouth, where I live. I worked in a practice where they refused to see any patient who even hinted at fibro symptoms. The particular doctor I worked for got an earful from me, but it didn't make any difference.

They do have proof of disrupted sleep patterns, multiple micro muscle tears, and chronic tendonitis. I can't even recall how many steroid injections I got in joints that were incredibly inflamed.

I wouldn't take lyrica, simply because I have just learned to live with pain. The strongest med I use is advil, even when I am waking up all night from pain.

This is another complex illness being invalidated because it strikes mostly women. I actually met a male doctor with it and he said he had received no ill treatment by his peers and he wasn't sure where this "stigma" thing by women came from...well, der....

I find this article very disheartening, although I am not at all surprised by it.....just put it up there with the rest of the instant psychiatric population of doctors and those drug companies that are corrupt, which make it even worse for us. Just another day in chronic illness paradise......morgan

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Thanks for sharing the article. It is so sad that many pepole think fibromyalgia isn't real. I have a friend with fibro and I know that it is very real. She's had it since she was a young child. Why in the world would a child in a happy, healthy home make up such symptoms??? Kids like to be out playing and having fun, not crying because it hurts just to walk down the steps.

I hope that lyrica proves beneficial for the fibro community and that their illness becomes recognized as real.


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Sophia, thank you very much for posting the letters to the editor. I am on the physician's website where doctors have been discussing the article itself, obviously not without some nasty comments from the non-believers. Well, I just posted the link that you've provided - it will be nice for them to read "the other side of the coin".

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Nice to see Dr. Natelson's letter got in there--he's treated quite a number of my friends and also trained one of the docs I used to see (She has POTS and since stopped seeing patients and just does research now). My one friend sees him for Chronic Fatigue and Fibro and he's completely disabled--has been on and off for 10 years now, and he's barely 30 now.


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After fighting for months for approval of Lyrica, my doctor received news that I got approved based on a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. He wrote to tell me the good news and also told me about the article in the NY Times.

My mom and I both thought it was such a poorly written article...I was so disappointed in the NY Times.

I was afraid Medical Assistance might change their mind on my Lyrica approval! LOL.

I am so grateful that so many people wrote to the NY Times slamming them for this article! I will pass the link on to my doctor and he will be pleased that at least some antidote to the article took place.

Thank you for posting the link Sophia!


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